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Thread subject: Maritime wildlife
Name Date Message
Pam 10/08/10 11:06 am We just returned from a 3 week holiday in the Maritime region of Canada - a fly-drive holiday in which we covered c.2000 miles. Not a lot of time for concentrated wildlife viewing but I did manage to take a few photos. It's such a vast, relatively sparsely inhabited area that the wildlife has so much room to spread itself in all the miles of lakes, bogs and woodland that it is not going to jump out in front of your camera ! There were lots of warnings on the roads about Moose and I was disappointed not to see one despite the fact that we travelled miles through swampy type areas where they would be. As I said below though I did see Chickadees and I saw one or two of my favourite Loons. I didn't take many wildlife pics however and what I have are here:
(First three pages)
I guess it was just the wrong time of year for bird watching as most had left on their migration just a short while before we arrived. Normally there are huge flocks of shorebirds to be seen.

I expect many of you will know that Cam 5 has been out of action at Race Rocks for about four weeks now, so the September album was very thin. I was delighted to get some pictures of a Wandering Tattler however, which was maybe taking a rest on its migration route. Seconds later, Ryan took down the camera for repairs so I was lucky with that one.
Kelly 10/13/10 10:19 pm Great pics, Pam. So glad you got to experience this little part of the world ... there's no other like it :)))

I'm happy to give you the elusive moose. When I was home in Cape Breton this summer, I had the great fortune of seeing a mother moose with her calf on our drive around the Highlands National Park ... first on the way to Cheticamp and again on the way back to Ingonish. These were taken on MacKenzie Mountain:

here ... here ... and here
Pam 10/14/10 07:10 am Oh thanks Kelly - really great pictures of the elusive Moose! We went to both Cheticamp and Igonish on our way around the cape. it was very misty (foggy even) when we started out but cleared as the day went on. It was a lovely drive but it does take all day and not a lot of time to stand and stare or go on trails or anything like that - as it was it was dark when we got back to Baddeck where we were staying on Bras d'Or. The whole 3 week tour was a bit like that. The accommodation had been booked for us and it seemed onwards ever onwards with not enough time to savour but I am so glad to have been to your part of the world, it really is very beautiful with so many places that we would have liked to have spent longer enjoying.

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