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Thread subject: It's been kind of an owly day...
Name Date Message
Melanie 10/17/10 10:15 pm This afternoon I took a friend's son to see Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole - our first 3D movie. I'm not familiar with the books but the CGI and effects were very good. It's kind of a cross between Lord of the Rings meets the SS with Jet Li overtones but they depicted all kinds of identifiable owl species, talked about branching and pellets and all manner of juvenile raptor development. That being said, I thought it was an extremely violent movie and definitely not for the 5 year old audience that was in the theatre.

However, tonight when taking out the trash I was startled by what sounded like an animal's distress call which at first I thought was a cat being caught in something and squeezed. After listening for a bit I realized it was a screech owl whinnying in the tree top directly overhead. It wasn't a well developed whinny so I figure it was probably a youngster who hadn't fully developed it's call yet, but then it changed the call and then went back to the whinny as if flew away. Never saw it, and of course never heard it fly, only the sound moving away. How apropos coming up on Halloween
Celeste 10/18/10 04:40 am Sometimes I wish I had one of those cameras that would capture all the things that fly and appear through the night, (the wildlife kind!)...must be so interesting out there! I know during migrating times the weather forecasters/radar have a hard time as the nights are one giant Times Square on New Years Eve:-)
Pam 10/18/10 06:40 am Those infra-red cameras have been invaluable in spotting illusive wildlife. Sometimes you just KNOW it is there but you never see it.
Anne 10/18/10 08:04 am By a Screech owl, do you mean a Barn owl Melanie, or is it a different species?

The old country name for Barn owl over here is Screech owl and there are many tales of people being scared witless by Barn owls screeching in the dark. This summer I was thrilled to be be able to watch a pair of Barn owls bringing food into a hayloft near me. (There were 5 youngsters up there.) It was nearly dark and the parents never went directly into the hole - they fluttered left, right , up and down around the hole before going in and they really did look like cartoon ghosts or spooks. No wonder they are associated with the supernatural.
Melanie 10/18/10 01:42 pm Nope - here in the US they are two different species Eastern Screech and Barn Owls.

Screeches have a high pitched whinny kind of call while Barn owls have a hoarse hissing kind of call.
cathy 10/21/10 11:40 am Thanks for the movie review, Melanie. Why do they think kids (an me) have to be terrified to enjoy a movie? My daughter and I used to enjoy more nuanced movies - like "Never Cry Wolf". Cool you heard a screech owl. We've got mainly barred owls in Seattle.

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