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Thread subject: Osprey catching trout
Name Date Message
FOB Webmaster 10/22/10 07:50 pm Don't know if someone shared this, but in the UK they posted a wild photo of an osprey snatching a trout and spooking a duck. :-)
Pam 10/23/10 05:46 am I just love the TV programme Countryfile which is on each Sunday evening. There were some marvellous photos entered in their calendar competition. How they ever choose the 12 winners I will never know, but this one was special.
Celeste 10/23/10 06:39 am Wow--great shot! I've been watching a lot of BBC Series / TV programs via Netflix. Love them all...I can only imagine how great Countryfile must be.
Shelley 10/23/10 07:25 am Look at that wingspan!
Tiger 10/23/10 08:21 am That is a great picture. The Metro seems to like ospreys. Back in April they caused a stir by posting this picture. See osprey

The same day the Daily Mail published the same picture. Grab something for lunch

For a whole morning the forums buzzed with excitement.
Tiger 10/23/10 10:35 am As always the picture is in more than one place today.

See Another fish in the flyer
Nancy L 10/23/10 11:06 am Oh, boy! those pictures were GREAT, Tiger.
Pam 10/23/10 12:10 pm Tiger, I believe the third photo in your last link was the one that actually won a place on the Countryfile calendar. The Scottish Sun's pic is a lot clearer than the one on the BBC website. Great captures.
cathleen 10/23/10 12:46 pm And so great that Tiger spotted the osprey as being none other than OVS! Bravo!
Shelley 10/23/10 06:40 pm Tiger, in those first two links, it is very clear that the osprey is tagged. Did anyone figure out who it was? Loch Garten was mentioned, I think, as the location of the photo.

Great shots
Tiger 10/23/10 06:52 pm Yes Shelley we knew exactly who it was. It was the bird we know as OVS. See OVS

The problem is that we have not seen OVS since 15th August 2008 and assume he is dead. This picture which we thought were taken around April 1st 2010 would have suggested that he is very much alive. See how many clues you can see in the picture as to the time the picture was taken.
Shelley 10/24/10 07:11 am Well, the printed info says the photographer sat in the blind for 7 hours before snapping this shot, so I'd guess that if he went out early in the day, at first light, then this would have to have been taken around mid-day. I don't see any deep shadows, but very clear reflection in the water and very good light so my mid-day guess works for that, too.

I read through the comments as well. No one seemed to answer your questions there. Pity. It would have been nice to know a bit more.
Pam 10/24/10 07:17 am Has anyone been able to contact the photographer to help clear up this mystery Tiger? What clues do you personally spot as to the time it was taken? All I can see is that the vegetation looks green. When do the trout run? A realy mystery but, I agree, an amazing observation from you that it was OVS.
Tiger 10/24/10 08:29 am Oh the story lives again. Firstly I would like to say that I was not the first to spot that it was OVS. It might be hard to determine who did as this story spread across at least four forums. I think someone got in touch with me to ask my opinion.

The clue in the picture that it was not made in April is that there blue flowers in the backround as well as ample green vegetation. There was the information available to us that there was heavy snow in the north of Scotland around 1st April. See RSPB Blog 31st March 2010

This nice capture by Kelly shows the situation well. Snow at Loch Garten

The story was first mentioned on the RSPB main blog on 14 April 2010 at 9:44am You can see it rapidly became a big story which I certainly commented on. See RSPB Osprey Blog

Yes there was a message from the photographer later in the day that the picture was taken in 2008 presumably when OVS was having his finest hour at Loch Garten as partner to EJ and father of Nethy and Deshar (and the Wee Yin). After all his old rival Henry had not come back and he had the girl to himself for the first time in years.

Mind you OVS often had two wives!
Shelley 10/24/10 10:54 am Ohhhh. So, this was just a resurrected photo. Must have been a slow news day, as they say. It's still a great shot but sad that it isn't current, and that the thought that OVS may be alive, is just a tease and not bassed on any reality. Did he have a tracking device or just a tag?

Why would they post this photo now, out of the blue, if it is more than 2 years old?
Tiger 10/24/10 12:02 pm The picture of OVS was published on 14th April 2010. Now the people who published it must have seen the picture and liked it. They had no idea of the significance of the picture. It was only when the featherheads across the internet saw it that the speculation began.

Obviously the newspapers had tried to say it was a recent picture. Once again they had no idea what would happen when they suggested that.

It clearly was some journalist coming across the picture and deciding it would make a good picture to publish and then deciding to lie about the age of it to make it seem current.
DaisyG 10/25/10 07:48 pm It says it was taken at Loch Garten but the osprey don't tend to fish there. It is full of peat and the colour of black tea. OVS was known to favour the Rothiemurchus fish farm a few miles away and that is where the picture was taken.
Anne 10/26/10 11:49 am In the Daily Telegraph which also published the photo it said that the photographer took the pictures in AUGUST when he was on holiday, and he took them at the Fish Farm. However he did not say which year he took them.And yes you are right Pam, he also took the picture which is going in the Countryfile calendar. The picture that won most votes was 'sheep in snow' and was taken with a tiny camera.
martyc35 10/26/10 01:10 pm Oh, my, of course the sheep pic is great, and so is the OVS shot, but I think my favorite is Huffing Puffin. Yours, too , Pam?
Shelley 10/26/10 07:07 pm I loved the pics in that calendar! Thanks for the link, Anne. You just have to shake your head at the comments, though, don't you? I guess it's universal, no matter where or what the context, you just can't please everyone... ;-p

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