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Thread subject: Look what was in my inbox today:
Name Date Message
Shelley 10/25/10 06:47 pm I subscribe to the Canadian Geographic magazine's online newsletter (thanks, Kelly!). Each month, we get to vote for the cover of an upcoming magazine. This was today's offerings. Guess which one I voted for?


Canadian Geographic cover vote
Pam 10/25/10 06:50 pm
Tiger 10/25/10 07:16 pm A difficult one! :)
DaisyG 10/25/10 07:49 pm Decisions decisions :)
Celeste 10/26/10 05:19 am This is early to think:-)
Kelly 10/26/10 06:07 am You're welcome, Shelley :) I got the same e-mail and the decision was so difficult ... NOT! :)))
Tiger 10/26/10 07:06 am So that is six votes then! :)
Anne 10/26/10 11:59 am Seven!

Completely off topic, I have been having terrible problems with my computer all year and have been using an ipad which is lovely to look at but not as easy to use for forums etc. Anyway Keith has finally discovered the fault on my main computer - the fan and blade thingy that protects the chip was completely clogged up with dust and fluff. I didn't realise that you have to clean the inside of a computer as well!
martyc35 10/26/10 01:04 pm Ooh. Hopoe the ipad holds up!
Well, now, that is a lot more fun in voting than we are getting out of the midterm elections, Shelley. I wish it were that easy.
Melanie 10/26/10 04:52 pm You would be surprised at how big computer dust bunnies can grow! Or maybe not now. Overheating will definitely make things behave badly.
Shelley 10/26/10 04:55 pm Marty, Toronto elected a new mayor yesterday. The wrong one, in my humble opinion. Voting for the osprey was WAAAAY more fun, believe me. Politics is as ugly here as it is anywhere, I imagine. And politicans, just as obnoxious.

Back to the birds. As soon as the December issue hits the stands, I will report back to let you know if *we* won... ;-)
Lori 10/26/10 07:35 pm Let me guess Shelly, you voted for the Bear & Wolf! ;p
Shelley 10/27/10 06:28 am Guess again, Lori. And I'll give you a hint: it wasn't for the foxes, either... ;-)
DaisyG 10/28/10 03:49 am Anne, yes it's amazing what dust magnets desktop pc's are.
My daughter is currently considering buying an all-in-one with touch screen.

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