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Thread subject: migration arrivals
Name Date Message
Melanie 10/29/10 02:08 pm The geese continue but I am now hearing White Throated Sparrows sing their "O Sweet Canada Canada Canada" and I just disrupted a tree full of about 30 Dark Eyed Juncos. A little early for them as I recall.
martyc35 10/29/10 02:40 pm The Oregon dark-eyed juncos arrived a couple of weeks ago here. I don't see white-throated sparrows here, but my daughter in Santa Rosa has seen some. I'm keeping an eye open for them. My visiting spotted towhee likes to try to blend in with the Oregon juncos, which would be a good idea if he weren't so much bigger!
Trishrg 10/29/10 11:28 pm I've had some osprey, belted kingfishers, lots of ducks are showing up, the reddish egrets continue to linger, American avocets. Last week got my first shot of a cooper's hawk. Been having a lot of fun this fall

I go to Bolsa Chica wetlands walking most every weekend, and am never disappointed.
Slideshow 10-16

Celeste 10/30/10 08:27 am Really great shots! I'd love a walk like that!
Nancy L 10/30/10 11:21 am Nice photos, Trish. Thanks.
martyc35 10/30/10 01:49 pm Those are wonderful, Trish, all of them! Thanks!
Lori 10/30/10 01:58 pm What a lovely place to visit!
Pam 10/30/10 03:41 pm Lovely photos Trish. I particularly liked the belted Kingfisher with the ruffled feathers and also the Pelican with wings stretched...but they are all very interesting. What a lovely place to birdwatch. Thanks for sharing your pics with us.
Pam 10/30/10 03:47 pm Melanie...we don't get dark-eyed Juncos here in UK so to see a whole bunch of them must be great.
Pamela 10/30/10 05:24 pm Marty, is it your Junco that has a rusty brown back and flanks with a dark hood and light breast? I think it looks some what like an Eastern Towhee, really beautiful.
martyc35 10/30/10 08:10 pm Yes, and they flash so much white when flying, it's amazing. PICS. I said somewhere, earlier, that a wannabe here seems to be the spotted towhee, which has similar coloring but is much larger. One has been hanging out with the juncos this past week. Funny to see him looking for protective coloration:-).
Pamela 10/30/10 09:13 pm Thanks Marty, that's what I thought your Junco looked like. What a truly lovely bird. During the spring and fall one or two Eastern Towhees appear in the yard and I'm captivated. It must be quite a sight to see more than three at one time.
Madeline 10/31/10 06:07 pm Great photos Trish,,,Looks like a grat place to go for nice long walks

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