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Thread subject: While it's quiet here :-)
Name Date Message
Pam 11/06/10 07:13 am Just something to look at if you are bored....
October RR
One of the webcams has been inoperative for 2 months now and manipulating Cam 1 takes infinite patience.
I don't know of any other place I have visited which has so much wildlife on view, even on "nothng much doing days". Think ...when you sit by the sea how much wildlife do you normally see? (Trish....don't answer that question). Maybe a seal will pop its head out of the water, or you may see a few seabirds. At Race Rocks it teems with wildlife on most days of the year...maybe nothing too unusual but it is always there. This past month a few White fronted geese have been taking a break on their way down south. These were visible on cam 1 but other migrants stopping by have included (would you believe it?) a Barred Owl. Raisa who is resident on the island has photographs of that. A dead sealion has been left in order to check on predators and decomposition - not a pretty sight but interesting. There have been a couple of branded sealions around, a few Harlequin ducks and a Humpback whale, which I saw but could not get zoomed in on as the Cam would not frustrating !
I am hoping that Cam 5 will be reinstated so that I can take a few good pictures in my last two monthly albums, i.e. November and December when I hope to see the eagles return, meanwhile I have to be patient.
Pamela 11/06/10 11:06 am So enjoyable seeing the western coast, many thanks Pam. I've not heard of Anser Albifrons, something I must check.
martyc35 11/06/10 01:51 pm Ohhh, I am going to miss your great captures when you stop, Pam. They are all wonderful, but moments such as the shot of hundreds of gulls, all sitting facing in the same direction, god knows why, are priceless. The whale is spectacular, the geese, too. I think if man had been allowed to sit by the sea at our Farralon Islands, outside the Golden Gate, we would not have the teeming wildlife there anymore. It's protected now, and the animals are back, thank goodness. During the Goldrush, some idiot used to go out there and collect fresh eggs to sell to hungry people in SF. The sea birds were nearly decimated. People can be such fools.
Thank you, as ever,
Trishrg 11/06/10 07:43 pm LOL Pam... Great fun to see the pix as always. So sorry about the cam problems... I hope they get that sorted out.
Trishrg 11/08/10 08:52 am Any reason why cormorant population is down this year?

I like going back to look at the pix when I have time...
I usually see something new....
Pam 11/08/10 06:42 pm Trish...I don't know of a reason. There was quite a big group on middle rock today. They are regarded as pests by a lot of people. In today's Daily Telegraph as it happens there is an article on the situation with them here in UK. It's a contentious issue:
Cormorant article
Although the cam is difficult, I did see an Otter today near the jetty. It disappeared into the pile of rocks which it seems to make its home. I know that a whalewatch boat also was trailing a Humpback whale but it was very far off in the south and I only got very blurry distant pics of the blow. The gulls are there is their thousands again today Marty and don't seem too put out by all the noise from the crew re-roofing. Should be a nice sunset today but I have to go to bed now so won't see it !!

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