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Thread subject: Yesterday's Star Visitor
Name Date Message
martyc35 11/10/10 01:34 pm An astounding GUEST came to my front yard yesterday, accompanied by lots of sparrows, juncos, Steller's Jays, Robins, Spotted Towhees, all just lovely, but when the male Red-shafted Northern Flicker came to explore the feeding grounds and bird bath, I really got excited. He's as long as the jays but much plumper, and he tried his woodpecker skills on one of my wooden planter boxes as if to say, nothing but wood here, no plastic! Stayed around for a long drink from the bird bath, then took off, no doubt to work on a nearby tree. Made my day!
Melanie 11/10/10 01:44 pm We get yellow shafted flickers back east - they have black sideburns instead of the red sideburns the western birds have. For several years they have been stopping at one particular tree during spring migration. Just for the day, mind you, call out several times and then they are gone until next year. They are one of my birdy "bookmarks". If they don't show up something is missing.
martyc35 11/10/10 01:59 pm I'm hoping this one will be around, since they are known to spend the whole year here, and we have this mild coastal climate. My bookmark here is for the Cedar Waxwings, who just stop by on their way elsewhere. Haven't seen them so far this year, but I think the robins will beat them to the cotoneaster berries, and then they won't stop at all:-(.
Pam 11/10/10 05:46 pm Marty - are you able to take photographs of your yard? I would love to see some of your yard birds, particularly the Steller's Jays. We don't get them here and I think they are lovely.
martyc35 11/11/10 11:57 am I'm working on it. I have a good camera, but for so long I was incapacitated by my broken arm. That has healed now, but the rains have started, so getting out there is intermittent. Two Steller's were there just minutes ago. I'll catch them, but be patient, please.
Pam 11/11/10 06:40 pm Oh....sorry Marty...I should have remembered your arm. Look forward to your photos :-)
Trishrg 11/12/10 11:12 pm Very cool visitor Marty
I "accidentally" found one in a photo I took a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was a dove from so far away, and was thinking I was shooting a kestrel up higher in the tree, and was quite surprised to find I had a pair of northern flickers.
I'm looking forward to going to the wetlands in the morning..... and next week, I'm going to visit my sister in WI. Hoping to see some cool, and different birds there.... maybe some BAEA's.... I hope at least.

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