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Thread subject: This is the third confirmed case of an Osprey shooting in the UK this year, how many more go undetected?
Name Date Message
Tim P 11/17/10 07:05 am
Tiger 11/17/10 07:52 am Yes it is depressing news. There is a reward to find the culprit.
DaisyG 11/17/10 09:11 am Yes, really sickening Tim. I hope they find them.
martyc35 11/17/10 01:35 pm LINK That is so sad to read, and I hope they find the person who committed this crime. As to how many go undetected, I'd guess not many, considering how many osprey watchers there are in the UK, and the cooperation with others in Sweden, etc. Still, there is no excuse for this.
Kelly 11/17/10 01:54 pm I'm sick to my stomach! ... heart-breaking :(((
Celeste 11/17/10 04:00 pm Definitely sad, however, the UK in the past, when osprey were practically extinct due to egg poachers, has extraordinary volunteers, who would sleep through the night at the base of a tree with a nest to protect it and bring back the osprey population to what it is today....I'm hopeful they will do everything possible along with Sweden to hopefully find the culprit or at the very least make a strong statement to others that this behavior is not acceptable. (we can only hope)
Anne 11/18/10 12:51 pm I just cannot understand the mentality of some people. Why shoot an Osprey? Lincolnshire is not known for shooting per se but it is a rural county where country folk do shoot wildfowl, pheasants etc. I would like to think it has been shot out of ignorance but then I read that an Osprey was found at Spurn Point with half a wing shot away. Spurn Point is a migration hot spot where you can stand and watch birds coming in off the sea. But no-one would dare to take a gun onto Spurn because there is a gas installation there that is vulnerable to terrorism and the place is crawling with Military Police. Plus, in the autumn the place is also crawling with birdwatchers (I've been myself this year) and anyone shooting would be quickly pounced upon. So how that happened I have no idea.

You have to have a licence to keep a shotgun so these crimes have been commited by ignorant people who misidentified the Ospreys, or more worryingly, by people who did it just because they could.

Please do not think that the UK is like Spain, Malta or even France where shooting migrating birds is a traditional hobby. But the fact remains that 3 Ospreys have died here and this is a development that must concern every sane person in this country. I and many other bird lovers have written to the PM about it, demanding an investigation. Thats all we can do.
martyc35 11/18/10 01:32 pm Thinking back to a few years ago in Santa Rosa, CA, when a couple with teenaged boys rented the house next door to me. The younger son and his buddy would climb up on the roof of their house and shoot with BB-guns at cars passing out on the nearby road. I stopped them several times, but only when a man whose car was hit hunted them down and police were threatened did they get the message and finally stop. They thought the whole affair was just good boy-fun. I'm sure if they could have hit the passing RTH's, they would have killed them. This story certainly didn't make me put any blame on the UK, Anne. Far from it. I did wonder if the owners of the fish farms were guilty of trying to protect their "crops," but my theory that youngsters were the culprits won out because of my past experiences. When I was a kid in the 1940s, a neighbor's son shot his brother's eye out with a BB-gun. In San Francisco in the 1960s, another neighbor's son got hold of his dad's revolver and shot his brother in the head. Yep, I said, must be kids. Of course, I could be wrong, but I lean toward the kid theory.

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