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Thread subject: Happy Thanksgiving!
Name Date Message
Celeste 11/24/10 03:53 pm Hope all of you American "featherheads" have a wonderful, happy, safe day!
Trishrg 11/24/10 07:31 pm Same to you Celeste, and everyone else too.
Let me count my blessings!
I'll be off looking for an osprey in the morning.
And be thankful if I find one :-)
Nancy L 11/24/10 07:45 pm Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all. Spent an hour or so today with my 3 girl grandchildren helping me make apple stuffing. What fun! Then off to the playground we went.
Shelley 11/24/10 11:06 pm Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. But uh-oh. Am I late? I thought it was tomorrow (Thursday)!

Trishrg 11/25/10 12:17 am You're right Shelley... tomorrow... but most people will probably be so busy with cooking and company, no time to send greetings.
martyc35 11/25/10 01:30 pm Happy, happy, everyone. I'm grateful that I'm getting too old for everyone to expect me to cook those big meals anymore. I'm going to shop online for an electric bed for my elderly, arthritic cat. I can't let her sleep with me anymore because she forgets to find her box sometimes, so now she howls, and I mean, HOWLS, because she is locked out of the bedroom. My daughter Bonnie got an electric cat bed for her cat, and she says it's the best thing she has ever discovered. The cat comes in, purrs, says goodnight, and heads back to the nice, warm cat bed. Perhaps we will get a little peace around here soon:-).
Pam 11/25/10 06:33 pm I'm an arthritic cat and I need an electric bed too ! It is freezing cold here in UK tonight.
Happy Thanksgiving !
DaisyG 11/26/10 05:06 am Sorry I am late but hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.

Good luck with the cat bed Marty, sounds like a great idea. Thankfully my lot are used to not sleeping in the bedroom but on various cushions and fleeces around the place so I don't get disturbed.
Lori 11/26/10 11:38 am Happy Day after! Hope your Thanksgiving was all kinds of wonderful! Spent with good friends & family & eating way too much food :)
cathy 11/26/10 11:40 am I'm grateful for all my DPOF friends whether they write here still or not! I'm grateful for the beauty of ospreys and that, in part through our enthusiastic, caring awareness, their populations are growing.
Kelly 11/26/10 05:08 pm Well said, Cathy :)

Happy Black Friday and hope there aren't too many bumps and scrapes from fighting the crowds!
martyc35 11/30/10 12:38 pm Happy to report that Rascal is enjoying her electric bed. Last night was her first night trying it out, so we had a couple of ritual howls, but most of the night was nice and quiet, just what I hoped for. These electric pads key to the cat's temp and never, ever, get hot, so it's much better than a regular heating pad. Hoohah!
Pam 11/30/10 06:51 pm ...and all I got was a new hot water bottle :-)))
martyc35 12/01/10 11:51 am I commiserate, Pam. It's been getting right frosty here, and now that I keep the door shut because of the cat, my bedroom gets much colder than before. Without a down alternative comforter, I'd be freezing, too. Those really do the trick, in case you haven't tried them. No more twisty thermal blankets, just one comforter, and I stay nice and cozy as long as I cover every inch except my nose!

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