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Thread subject: Opossum Help
Name Date Message
Mickey 11/29/10 05:25 pm It appears I have one in my shed. Its made a small nest out of leaves and plastic. The shed does not get much use. It must come and go under the sheds 2 doors. 3" max.
So. How active are these during the winter? Will it hibernate? Will it have kits during the winter? I'm inclined to just leave it. But I own a very very very playful and nosey black lab. I'd rather the dog not confront the Opossum.
Melanie 11/29/10 08:31 pm A friend has a family that lives under her porch and it drives her two dogs crazy. They only thing that is saving the dogs is she has an electronic fence that keeps them from reaching the critters. They don't hibernate and they will come and go during the winter. They generally don't breed in the winter. They also have a natural immunity to rabies so that's not a worry. They do, however, have some serious needle sharp teeth and prefer to avoid confrontation but can turn nasty if cornered. You should probably consider finding a have-a-heart trap and have it relocated, then reinforce where ever they are getting in.
Trishrg 11/29/10 10:23 pm Wow, I just had an opossum drama.

I had 6 young'uns in my garage, in my case I think the mom dropped them off, and said go forth and eat cat food.

I was able to handle mine, since they were still pretty small.

I got some to capture themselves, by leaving some food inside a deep bucket. They could climb down in, but were unable to climb back out.

I then relocated them to a wildlife care center...

So my best idea, is a deep bucket... in your case a full size trash barrel, with smooth sides so it can't climb back up. May, or may not work, that's all I got.
Celeste 11/30/10 11:24 am We had one in our attic that came and went. There are people you can call who will put out a trap and then relocate them...It's been many years since I called somebody so I don't remember who it was....but I found this for you Mickey if you are interested.

I googled opossum catcher Long Island, and/or Pest Control....lot to choose from for Nassau Cty & Suffolk. Good Luck!
cathy 12/02/10 11:39 am My dog encountered a possum. She loved to see other animals freak out and run from her. However, if the animal turned and showed any defense, she wouldn't come closer (she was a shepherd). The possum simply opened its mouth and showed the array of teeth and froze in that position (I think possums are inclined to "play possum"). My dog suddenly lost interest. Its a difficult question - the intersection of wildlife with our homes and pets. I was thrilled to see two fat raccoons in my yard yesterday. I notice in parks, there is a new trend to leave fallen trees and brush piles. I think its acknowledgement that wildlife is valuable and needs places to hide and nest.
Mickey 12/02/10 12:57 pm Thank you everyone. I took a shot and at 10pm placed a piece of wood across the bottom of both shed doors. We checked the shed the next morning and we lucked out. It had indeed gone out the night before to forage. At least now I know why all the motion lights in the neighborhood go off too. :)
Melanie 12/03/10 10:58 am Cathy - I'll send you my raccoons who hang out in my dumpster. ;-p
martyc35 12/03/10 01:06 pm One time, in Santa Rosa, a mother opossum and her litter were camping under an outbuilding in my yard. When she decided to leave, mom loaded all the babies on her back and sides and started inching her way along the top of a redwood fence. Babies were falling off all over the place, and she made no attempt to get them back. Made me wonder how any of them reached adulthood. Obviously, they survive in pretty good numbers, though.

Cathy, and Mel, our raccoons are still coming nightly to rob the bird feeder. I have to go out and empty it just after dark every night. They still come by, though, just in case. I haven't seen the skunks in awhile, though.

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