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Thread subject: Chickadees: Cold Weather Machines
Name Date Message
Shelley 12/08/10 09:25 pm From my eNature newsletter today:


Which reminds me, I must top up my feeders in the morning!
Celeste 12/09/10 05:17 am I loved reading this Shelley! I love my chickadees...not shy, don't mind whizzing past you as you are in the process of putting seed in the feeder, sometimes I have get my face out of the way so they don't collide into me! I put seed out early, but now I'm thinking I should go out there even earlier, (before 6!):-)
Shelley 12/09/10 06:17 am When I top up my feeders, they sometimes sit on the branches and hurry me on. I have begun to cup my hand with a bit of seed in it and I hope one of these days, they will land on my hand and eat! I know it can happen, I've seen pics and a friend in the States has had her chickadees do it! Mine are getting close; I can feel the breeze of their wings as they buzz by. I hold my hand close to the feeder. However, I may have to stop until spring as it's just too cold lately to stand there with a bare hand!!
Celeste 12/09/10 06:47 am There's a place at the East End of Long Island, called the Elizabeth Morton Sanctuary...Chickadees eat out of your hands, land on your cap if you put seed on it, and even a nuthatch will eat out of your hand, and titmouse. It's really exciting, and strange as one barely feels anything on your hand except their feet give a tiny, tiny pinch.

Someone took great photos and put them on You Tube of the Sanctuary..

Elizabeth Morton
Celeste 12/09/10 06:55 am A "home videos" of family at the Elizabeth Morton's Refuge feeding the chickadees
Nancy L 12/09/10 11:00 am Morton Preserve is a great place. We used to take the kids their often. Now I'm down to once a year in early June. Last June we were chased by a pack of wild turkeys. They wanted our seed. At the pond is where I saw my first sight of a family of wood ducks, 12 ducklings in a row behind. If I hadn't used my binoculars, I would not have seen them.
Morton is on the north fork of Long Island along the Little Peconic Bay which is part of the Long Island Sound.
martyc35 12/09/10 12:51 pm Since they do so well in cold weather, I guess I can expect only a few black-capped this winter, where the climate is really mild. I am fortunate to have the chestnut-backed chickadees at my feeders, both front and back, and they are pretty fearless. I hear them buzz-buzzing in the nearby trees when I go out to fill the feeder in the morning. Here's one on the feeder, showing the chestnut back:
terryo 12/09/10 07:47 pm Here's some pix I took year before last of a bunch of us putting up a replacement osprey nest/pole. I stopped on the way home at Morton to let the chickadee's feed out of my hand, they have to be the most dainty, curious, tough as nails cutie-pies. Pix below:

Celeste 12/10/10 07:14 am Great shots, especially the chickadee "winging" matter how many times they come to eat from your hand it's always a thrill!

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