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Thread subject: Amazing and dramatic bird photography
Name Date Message
Shelley 12/10/10 07:09 am As often happens, I was looking for something else, when I stumbled across this site:

magnificent photos

From top to bottom of this link, this man's talent is beyond words
Celeste 12/10/10 07:17 am Spectacular photos...and to be so knowledgeable with his some of his settings and I got dizzy!:-)
Shelley 12/10/10 09:50 am It's all a foreign language to me. If it's not point and shoot, I don't understand! But wow, it sure doesn't lose in translation, whatever it means! ;-)
martyc35 12/10/10 01:42 pm Thank you so much for sharing that fantastic site, Shelley. I have sent it on to Matching Mole, who is doing a series of diaries on coloration in animal and plant species.
cathleen 12/11/10 08:49 am what an interesting thing to do, marty - a diary on coloration of animal and plant series. wonder what will be the outcome of that...
Trishrg 12/11/10 09:37 am Very cool link Shelley, thanks for posting.
Spectacular photography!

I recently got my first DSLR camera, and though I don't use the AUTO settings, I also don't know what most of the functions REALLY do.
I really gotta take a class!!!
Shelley 12/11/10 01:25 pm One of my favourites of the photos I looked at in this link was that wing! Did you see how spectacular that one was?!

Thanks Marty. You are the connector between here (DPOF) and there Dawn Chorus)! :-)
Pam 12/11/10 03:42 pm Truly spectacular. I have bookmarked the site because there is so much to read there even without the technical stuff. Birds I have never heard of. I really liked the Frigatebird pics.
On another page of his blog he has some Osprey pics. Did you see those?
Thanks very much Shelley for sharing this link with us.
Shelley 12/11/10 05:42 pm WOW! That large unfledged osprey chick and the screaming adult below it are amazing shots!

I have to explore the site more fully....

Check out his blog notes for today. Just click the *Home* tab at the top right.

martyc35 12/11/10 05:59 pm Also the perspective (and scenery) provided by the ospreys in the cypress tree over water.

Cathleen: Here's a LINK to Matching Mole's first diary on coloration. Others still to come.
Shelley 12/11/10 06:44 pm Marty, is Matching Mole originally from Toronto? I get the sense from his frequent posts on Dawn Chorus that he is Canadian.

Anyhow, as an aside, you might want to mention to him (privately) that his comment that all Toronto squirrels are black is erroneous. There are many, for sure, and yes, they are the same species as the grays, but we also have lots of those adorable little red squirrels as well as a very small and concentrated population of white albino squirrels in a downtown park known as Trinity Bellwoods Park

white albino squirrels

This is the site of a guy who photographs them. I found that link on some cards of his that I bought.

Anyhow, just FYI.

Also, dare I ask: what does MM mean by *pootie* (in his title)?
martyc35 12/11/10 06:53 pm I think MM used to live in Toronto, but I'm pretty sure it's been a long time since he lived there for long enough to observe the squirrels, who seem to be getting around:-). He lives near Tallahassee, FL, now, and I think he teaches in one of the nearby colleges.

Pooties are the cutesie names that lots of folks have for domesticated cats. It may come from the cartoons, "I tawt I saw a putty tat," but I'm not sure.
Melanie 12/12/10 08:39 am Cats are the more innocent definition. It can also refer to flatulence and then just goes straight downhill from there.
martyc35 12/12/10 12:46 pm Oh, dear, Mel. I didn't even know that. I wasn't hoping to refine the scatalogical dictionary here:-). I know, at least, from the context of the diary, that MM meant just cats and their coloration. Saw last night on PBS that hummingbird coloration (those neon feathers that light up so nicely) comes from the angle of refraction, not from pigmentation. That makes sense, of course.

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