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Thread subject: All you 'across the pond'
Name Date Message
Nancy L 12/20/10 05:16 pm How's the weather where you are? Snow?
Daisy, Anne & Anne, Pam, Tiger? Did I miss someone?
Tiger 12/20/10 06:35 pm Lots of snow. I was out and about today and it was ok. It may snow again soon though.
Celeste 12/20/10 07:13 pm Literally just heard on the news about the weather in the UK! The word they used was that the UK was getting "battered" with snow!
Shelley 12/20/10 09:10 pm I feel I should enter, whispering. The west coast of Canada, and the Maritimes are getting hit; Europe is getting socked, and here in Toronto, barely a few flakes. We always manage to escape the big dumps of snow. We have some snow on the ground, but our streets and sidewalks are clear (well, icy, because it's been cold but more or less clear).

I honestly hate to travel at this time of year for a number of reasons, weather among them. It's stressful enough without having to be worried about being stuck and stranded somewhere you don't want to be (like in an airport). Wishing all of you everywhere a safe and (relatively) stress-free journey!

Celeste 12/21/10 04:51 am I'm whispering also, but just as I was typing this I noticed that here on the Island it shows that awful "snow photo" for this coming weekend!
Shelley 12/21/10 07:16 am Tuck in and get the shovels ready! ;-)
Pam 12/21/10 08:08 am Not too bad where I am Nancy. Snow has not been deep but we have had below freezing weather for at least four weeks now so roads and pavements (sidewalks) are very icy. Seems like everywhere is getting unusually cold weather. Even Australia has had snow I read today and it is supposed to be their summer. I have knitted myself a nice warm cardigan/wrap (my blankie as I call it) which is getting a lot of use and now I am knitting fingerless mittens so I can sit and type in comfort ! To say nothing of the Scotch consumption as well....we are getting by.
Shelley 12/21/10 09:18 am I just read that the Maritimes (east coast of Canada -- Kelly!) are going to get another big hit today.

Hang in there, everyone. Stay warm!
Nancy L 12/21/10 09:36 am We on Long Island have also been below 'normal' for a few weeks - mostly below freezing. But in mid-afternoon the past few days we have gotten a little above freezing. Winter arrives today!
martyc35 12/21/10 01:32 pm I saw pics of Heathrow completely snowed in and shut down on this morning's news. Hang in there, everyone. Today is the shortest day of the year, so it can only gradually get better. We've had high winds, torrential rains, hail and thunder/lightning, but of course no snow where I live. LA is getting rains, bigtime, for them, but the Bay Area not so much. My kitty is so happy with her electric bed. I got myself a down alternative throw for keeping my feet and legs warm while watching tv. Works great!
Happy holidays, all, and snuggle up with some scotch or cognac. It's that season again,
Kelly 12/21/10 05:27 pm Thanks, Shelley, for your concern but Halifax has so far escaped Winter's early fury ... not complaining! :) This Nor'easter will bring snow mostly to New Brunswick ... N.S. will get lots of rain and very high winds - again, and it's been fairly mild. Some regions in the province and in N.B. are still cleaning up after a horrible rain storm last week which left lots of homes flooded, roads washed out and power outages!

My thoughts are with all the air travellers affected worldwide by the situation at Heathrow and other European airports ... most won't make it to their destinations for Christmas. Such a tragedy!
Anne UK1 12/22/10 05:55 pm Too much snow here for my liking, but thankfully it has warmed up a little bit over the last couple of days. Not much sign of a thaw though and it's still packed down on all but the biggest roads, plus they're forecasting more to fall on Sunday and maybe beyond.

I can't remember a winter like it, but we're coping and in reality it's absolutely nothing compared to the huge snowfalls parts of the states have had. And it's been lovely watching unusual visitors to the garden like redwings and fieldfares feasting on the berries. So it's not all bad. I will be glad to see spring though!

I hope everyone's safe and dry over there. Happy Christmas to one and all, and a healthy and peaceful New Year :)
Nancy L 12/23/10 09:28 am If you measure it, how much snow did you receive, Anne?
Anne UK1 12/23/10 05:56 pm Miniscule by your standards Nancy - only about 8 or 9 inches. But that's a lot for us - if we ever do get snow round here it's only ever an inch or two.

Trouble is, this country's just not geared up to deal with it - as witnessed by all those poor people stranded at airports and many others who spent whole nights stuck in their cars in various places.

The roads here now are like skating rinks and with temperatures not forecast to get above freezing except for a few hours on Sunday I can't see when it's going to get any better.

The birds have now completely stripped the berries in my garden. I hope the cold snap ends soon - apparently barn owls are really struggling because there's nothing out there for them to eat. Our wildlife must be wondering what on earth is going on, poor things.
DaisyG 12/25/10 05:33 am We got 5 or 6 inches max. Still around as it keeps freezing over.

Talking about wild birds, I am now up to 14 hanging feeders of various sorts, plus bird table and ground feed.
Nancy L 12/25/10 01:41 pm Today our temps are hovering just below the freezing mark. 'They" are predictiing 2 - 4 inches of snow on Sunday & Monday, with gale winds.
We'll just see about that!!
martyc35 12/25/10 01:42 pm Wow, Daisy. You have gone PRO! Here I am, still contemplating a little suet. Well, this is certainly the year to err on the side of quantity, and I hope your weather warms up soon, for you AND the birds.
DaisyG 12/26/10 04:58 pm Marty I feel so sorry for them. Must be really hard to find enough food when it snows.
I do feed all year round but even more so now.
There is more light snow forecast in my area but then it is supposed to warm up. The lowest temps here in my part of Cheshire have been -10.5C, don't know about today as I haven't been out but last night my car said -7.5C.
Anne UK1 12/27/10 05:38 am I've woken up this morning to see the grass in my garden again at long last. But I see on the news that the eastern side of America has had a big storm. Keep warm and safe, all you that are caught up in it!
Celeste 12/27/10 10:39 am Thanks Anne and glad you are seeing grass, as our news has also been filled with stories of "your" weather . We had a blizzard, which started yesterday, through the night, and finally we are now just getting snow flurries. Long Island Railroad has suspended service today also. At this point, I'm hoping we don't lose electricity, even though the winds have calmed a lot, (we had hurricane winds), once it starts melting and freezing through the night, the weight on our above ground wires can still wreak havoc! I'm putting seed out on my window's ledge for "my" cardinals, chickadees, and of course our many sparrows, and they seem to be coexisting and "sharing":) Ah, winter has only just begun, but I'm looking forward to Spring already!:-)
Pamela 12/27/10 11:36 am Did I truly read the comment correctly that you are looking forward to Spring, Celeste? The weather is so invigorating compared to the humidity which seems to start in the spring and continue through hurricane season.
Through the window it is a winter wonderland and a perfect background for the Cardinals feeding or waiting on the branches for their turn at the feeders. All the winter birds are fluttering about and making the yard look like a Christmas card.
We briefly lost our electricity last night, but thankfully it was on this morning. However, the storm has played havoc in the Scituate coastal area causing extreme flooding which has tragically caused two homes to burn.
Celeste 12/27/10 01:51 pm I want the best of both can snow if we don't have to shovel, drive in it or slip and slide on it and not worry about losing power and freezing pipes! :-) You are right in that it is definitely invigorating! I guess each season has it's negatives and positives, which all in all makes living in a four season climate never boring!
Anne UK1 12/27/10 06:03 pm Glad to hear you're all coping - lots of coverage on our news channels today and it looks bad over there. They showed a time lapse film of how quickly the snow fell and it was incredible.

Fingers crossed for your pipes and wires.

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