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Thread subject: Rare Bird Find At Central Park
Name Date Message
Celeste 12/21/10 09:49 am From the News today....

Shelley 12/21/10 01:02 pm Wow! I just googled varied thrush to see it more clearly because the photo in this article is rather dark. What a beautiful bird! I can only imagine how exciting it must have been for those who spotted it! Thanks for this, Celeste
martyc35 12/21/10 01:25 pm OMG! Those guys are in my yard nearly every day, and Mrs. was here yesterday and again this morning. It is unusual for them to wander so far east, but they sure aren't rare out here on the left coast. Good catch, Celeste. I'm still trying to get a picture of my visitors. They are shy and skittish, to say the least. They like to hang out with the robins out here.
Celeste 12/21/10 01:26 pm They must have updated the article photos since I posted the thread as they had people with binoculars focusing on the Thrush, and they had a great photo of it. Now they have photos of various birds sighted, but they also have a link to info and photo about the Varied Thrush here.

Celeste 12/21/10 01:31 pm Oh and one last thing that you would appreciate Shelley..Frank likes to walk around our Town Park which overlooks the Bay...he saw the following duck (actually a pair) which was very distinct from what we are used to seeing, and is mostly found on the West Coast, up to BC and beyond, but a very small percentage come from the East Coast of Canada to winter here.
Celeste 12/21/10 01:39 pm Wow Marty, you really get interesting visitors in your yard! I am amazed that we are getting a chance to see these visitors here on the East Coast. Even the sighting of this Northern Shoveler is considered very unusual to be seen on this side, as 90% are in the West.
I'm not complaining, however, as Mr. C, (0ne of our resident Cardinals), was watching me while I was doing dishes at my kitchen sink, ( a window), looking at me and glancing at the feeder in the window in the room next to the kitchen. As soon as we opened the window, he flew down to the ground waiting for us to put seed on the ledge and as soon as we shut the window, he flew to the ledge and had his lunch! The Cardinals have trained us well!
Shelley 12/21/10 02:43 pm Celeste, your Northern Shoveler link just took me to the make-a-link page.

The most exciting bird I've had in my yard lately is the downy woodpecker at my suet cage. I finally found a cage that the squirrels haven't managed to destroy (it's been over a month, too! :-) so the woodpecker has been around more frequently. Nothing exotic but I'm happy! :-)

Celeste 12/21/10 03:04 pm northernshoveler
martyc35 12/21/10 04:51 pm Well, Celeste, I don't get cardinals here, ever. I've never figured out how they haven't made it over here from Arizona. I saw some there. If they can take that climate, they should be in heaven cooling down here in the NW. So I settle for the Steller's Jays, bright blue, but long for the red, red Cardinal, too. I have seen Northern Shovelers around the SF Bay area, so I think they must be here, around Humboldt Bay, too, but I haven't seen them yet. We have coastal flood warnings right now, so I won't be going out to look for them. We saw lots and lots of shore birds on the way from Eureka to Arcata yesterday, but they were too far away to appear as more than good sized specks.

Shelley, I looked at suet today while out buying more bird seed (raccoons are going to break my bank!), but I didn't buy any because I couldn't see any cages for it in the store. I'll look again next time. I have a red-shafted northern flicker who comes by here, and I'm pretty sure some other woodpecker types would come by if I had the right stuff to tempt them.

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