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Name Date Message
Celeste 12/23/10 12:12 pm Christmas Blessings and,

Happy, Healthy New Year to All!

May the New Year also be a very "fruitful" one for all our feather friends, particularly our beloved Osprey!
Shelley 12/23/10 01:57 pm I echo all of that!

Be safe everyone, too, especially out on the roads!
Anne UK1 12/23/10 05:59 pm I echo it too!

Hard to believe we're nearly at the end of another year, but wonderful to think it's not too many weeks until the osprey pack their bags and head north again.
Kelly 12/23/10 07:22 pm Best wishes to everyone for a wonderful and peace-filled Holiday Season!

Awww ... ospreys :) Spring is just around the corner :) LOL

Be well .... be safe!
terryo 12/23/10 07:49 pm Yes indeed all you feathery followers, Happy Holidays to one and all, on all the continents.
Trishrg 12/23/10 08:15 pm Peace to you all. Have a groovy holiday season!
Pam 12/24/10 08:15 am I wish you all peace, good health and happiness at Christmas and throughout the coming year. Thank you to all who have sent cards (both snail mail and email) and double thanks to Lori who sent me TWO e-cards :-)))
It's great that we can still keep together as a group and have made such good friends through this Dennis Puleston website, so my best wishes go to the folk behind the scenes that make that possible for us, Tom, Dave and everybody. Some folk don't post very often but we know they lurk and will be back with us when the Ospreys return they will in 2011.
Take care everyone and see you all after the holidays. Cheers !
Kathy 12/24/10 11:04 am After reading all your messages, I am blessed to have such a great group of "Osprey" friends.
Have a Holly, Jolly, Merry Christmas and a Very Happy, Healthy New Year.
martyc35 12/24/10 12:21 pm Best wishes to all of you, and stay safe. I am off to look up how to use a road flare, just in case I need the ones I just bought. Going to the Bay Area for the first time since moving here as soon as it's not too stormy, so I need to be road ready. Happy Holidays,
Nancy L 12/24/10 01:41 pm My best Christmas & New Year wishes to all my friends on the Message Board.
Lori 12/24/10 06:12 pm MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPIEST of NEW YEARS to you all! Safe journey to anyone driving over the river & thru the woods :) Enjoy! Pam???? I sent you 2
Tiger 12/24/10 07:57 pm MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
Marie 12/25/10 12:58 am Merry Christmas to you all. Oh yes I am still here and check in at times but haven't posted of late since this year has been a hectic one. It is good to see the loyalty of so many in keeping in touch on this site.
Stay safe and have a Happy New Year.
DaisyG 12/25/10 05:29 am HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!
Hope you have a wonderful time.
cathy 12/29/10 07:06 pm Happy Holidays and a fantastically wonderful 2011! I appreciate knowing all you osprey fans, and learning from you.

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