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Thread subject: Great TEAM effort to rescue Swans in the UK
Name Date Message
Celeste 12/28/10 05:25 am Came across this nice story of Swans being rescued in the UK. They have been stressed due to the unusual weather there. Thought that some of "us" Featherheads this side of the pond would like to see it...It was done so effortlessly:-)


Shelley 12/28/10 07:22 am Wow! Nice job. I am surprised that the birds didn't try to bite or fight. Maybe they were just too traumatized at that point.
Trishrg 12/28/10 09:10 am Great story, and excellent rescue efforts!
Nancy L 12/28/10 11:33 am My husband & I thought it isn't good to feed them bread ---no?
Melanie 12/28/10 01:58 pm They were lucky - must have been "cold stunned" because swans are seldom that docile and tractable.
Shelley 12/28/10 03:15 pm Nancy, I agree with you. I thought feeding bread/ crumbs to birds was an old wives tale and people just don't realize that it is empty filler with little to no nutritional value, especially in winter. But then, maybe even that is better than nothing if the birds are starving. Still, I hope they will get fed better at the rehab place until they are re-released.
Anne UK1 12/28/10 06:55 pm Secret World is not far from me. Pauline Kidner, the lady in the van with the swans, is a farmer's wife who started helping injured or orphaned animals many years ago. In the beginning it would be just the occasional badger cub or hedgehog, which she would keep in a sectioned off area of her kitchen until it was strong enough to be returned to the wild. Now the organisation helps thousands of animals every year.

I wouldn't worry too much about the 'bread' comment. I think the swans will be well looked after and returned to the wild as soon as they are fit enough. The weather here has turned very mild over the last two days so all that ice and snow should be gone very soon if not already.

For anyone interested, there is a you tube video about Secret World narrated by Pauline Kidner here
Shelley 12/28/10 07:09 pm Thanks for that, Anne. That was lovely. There is a similar wildlife rescue organization north of where I live and they do very similar work. One difference, though, is that sometimes, the animals who cannot be rehabilitated enough to be returned to the wild are kept at their facility and used in their education program to teach school kids about wildlife. They come to a local Conservation Centre where I try to bring my students every year, and conduct their program there, in that setting. The kids are able to touch and pet the animals sometimes and they (the staff) really do a wonderful job of teaching about the different animals, their needs and also how young people can foster an appreciation and respect for the environment that supports wildlife.
Anne UK1 12/28/10 07:53 pm Hi Shelley. Secret World used to be a working farm that was also open to the public. Now they just have a certain number of open days every year, but they do have an education programme as well.

I think they have a pretty good success rate for returning animals to the wild, though I suspect there are a few that live on the farm permanently. One of the first animals that Pauline ever rescued was a badger called Bluebell who chose to stay forever, having cubs of her own and adopting some others that had been orphaned.
DaisyG 12/29/10 06:08 am Poor swans, so sad to see them like that, but what a wonderful rescue.

Thanks Celeste for posting the clip.
Anne UK1 12/30/10 06:44 am Update from Secret World's facebook page:-

"Swan update...all the swans are doing well and gaining condition daily, probably going to be released in about a week as they still have a long way to go ."
DaisyG 12/30/10 04:49 pm Thanks for that Anne. Great news :)

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