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Thread subject: Lily & Hope - Bear Den Cam
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 12/30/10 06:36 am Something to take our minds off the weather :)

The den cam is due to go live today. Lily and Hope are hibernating together, with the possibility of more new cubs being born in the den this winter. Cam page

Also, for UK people, the BBC documentary series will be shown in three parts on 3rd, 4th and 5th January BBC2 at 9pm, with repeats weekly on (I think) 8th, 15th, 22nd Jan.

For those outside the UK there are some clips from the series on youtube - I read on the website that the more hits these clips get the more chance the series may subsequently be shown in the US. (Seems crazy to me that we get it but you, the home country, may not. It's a funny world we live in.

There are four clips - it seems that when one finishes, the next loads and plays automatically - here

More clips on the BBC website here - though I'm not sure if they will play outside the UK.

Shelley 12/30/10 07:10 am Thanks, Anne. I look forward to this!
Celeste 12/30/10 08:09 am Thank you Anne. I thoroughly enjoyed each clip. Gosh, I hope we can see it here in the States! Oh, and we can watch the links from the BBC website also!!!!
Anne UK1 12/30/10 09:58 am Oh good, I'm glad all the links work. I can't wait to see the programme - I do hope they run it over there too.

I see Phoebe hummingbird has finally built a new nest and it looks as if she'll be laying eggs any day now. I envy her that sunshine! Nest cam
Shelley 12/30/10 02:17 pm I started watching Phoebe a few days ago. Her nest this time is a more shady part of that rose bush, it seems
Pam 01/01/11 11:17 am Getting a good picture of a bear den now.
Pam 01/03/11 07:13 pm Watched the first instalment of this 3-part series this evening and it had me in tears (of joy). I think I cry more easily these days at touching movies, beautiful music...must be my old age. Looking forward to parts 2 and 3 tomorrow and Wednesday.

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