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Thread subject: Happy New Year!
Name Date Message
Nancy L 12/31/10 10:47 am Best wishes in the New Year to everyone!!
martyc35 12/31/10 12:22 pm Hsppy New Year, everyone. I was out of town for a couple of days, drove to the Bay Area and back again, not something I shall do in such short time lines again soon. So happy to be home, watching the birds in the front yard. Still trying to get a pic of Mrs. Varied Thrush, but no luck so far. Happy to all of you!
Celeste 12/31/10 02:42 pm Happy and Healthy to ALL!!!! Stay Safe!
cathy 12/31/10 04:10 pm Happy New Year! Just saw several eagles fly by - two were very close to each other. I couldn't tell if they were a couple or rivals. They were unusually close. Its a beautiful day - clear, cold, mountains covered in snow - in the Pacific Northwest. May 2011 be good to all living things. In January, I'll be making appointment with the WA state legislators for Environmental Lobby Day - folks from all over the state come to ask their legislators to support some priorities agreed upon by about 50 environmental groups Env. Priorities Its the first year I am so involved, but I have gone to our capitol for the past 7 years.
terryo 12/31/10 05:03 pm Happy New Day and many more. I'll be in bed at 10 as usual.
Shelley 12/31/10 06:42 pm A happy and healthy 2011 to one and all, feathered and not!

Drive safely and have fun
Trishrg 12/31/10 07:21 pm Happy New Year, and Peace~ See you all in 2011!
Pam 01/01/11 06:09 am From me to you too, best wishes for a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR !
DaisyG 01/01/11 07:59 am All the very best for a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!
Marie 01/01/11 12:18 pm To you all, A wonderful NEW YEAR and may your dreams come true. Health and happiness for 2011
Lyn 01/02/11 11:53 am A belated very Happy New to everyone. Hope the New Year brings only the very best to one and all.
Anne UK1 01/02/11 01:28 pm Happy New Year from me too! And I hope the weather's improved out there now.
Nancy L 01/02/11 03:14 pm The snow has been melting for the past few days - temps above 40 F. The mounds of snow are getting smaller. Most roads are clear, finally.

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