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Thread subject: And in Italy
Name Date Message
Melanie 01/07/11 10:13 am link from Huffington
Celeste 01/07/11 01:13 pm Gosh, I'm afraid to look at the Message Board! I'm beginning to hate the following sentence with all these "dead bird, fish stories....
"While the events are likely unrelated"
Shelley 01/07/11 05:34 pm You know, I have to wonder. Maybe this sort of occurrence is not unusual at all, but is suddenly trendy to report, and that's why we are hearing so much about it all of a sudden. And now, with the speed of the internet, we can hear about it everywhere while years ago, we may only have heard about it locally. Just a thought.
DaisyG 01/08/11 09:50 am Good thought Shelley but the the internet has been with us for some time now. Surely we would have heard about it many times before if this was a regular occurrence.
Celeste 01/08/11 04:45 pm I mentioned the above to my sister and she just said the same thing that Shelley did when I mentioned the above, and then I read your post Daisy to my sister and she said maybe the cycle is longer than we have the internet. Just another thought...perplexing to say the least.
Melanie 01/09/11 09:45 am One of our editors who has been with all this was talking to the local Department of natural Resources - their comment was they are not really surprised, that the water here on the Bay got colder earlier than it normally would and that was a t a time when the 2 million spotted perch and croakers (who are to some extent migratory as many fish species are) just happened to get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and this is not unusual. As for the birds, they said the news services have long ignored the phenomena and that this time it hit the wires services radar and took on a life of its own. Not sure how much if the bird explanation I'm buying, but the fish thing made sense.
martyc35 01/09/11 02:00 pm Don't look now, but some of our birds may be guilty of puking meat storms on unsuspecting citizens below. One such storm, reported as "meat flakes," was attributed to vultures vomiting excess food from above:
"Meat,Yes, meat. 1851 saw a couple of incidents where it rained meat. Soldiers at a base near San Francisco were practising drills when they were hit by blood and pieces of meat - from a clear sky. Later that same year, North Carolina was showered with blood, brains, pieces of meat and liver. The "rain" was limited to a strip of land measuring 30 feet by 250 yards.

In March of 1876, flakes of meat fell over Bath, Kentucky. These flakes measured three or four inches square. A couple of brave souls tasted the meat and described it as being "neither mutton nor venison". Samples were studied by several scientists, who concluded that the substance was some type of muscular tissue."

Read more at Suite101: It Fell From The Sky

Apparently, we ain't seen nuthin' yet.
Shelley 01/09/11 02:13 pm Sorry, I am sure it is not one bit funny if you happen to be under such an event but the mental image of vomiting vultures just struck a funny bone. Sounds like really bad science fiction....

Oh, to be able to draw...... (I have always secretly harboured a wish to be a cartoonist...)
Celeste 01/09/11 05:07 pm Shelley, no drawing needed....I am laughing as I type this...

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