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Thread subject: Lola gone?
Name Date Message
Melanie 01/10/11 01:11 pm From The Legend of Pale Male's Facebook Page: Since December 17th, Pale Male's mate Lola had not been seen in Central Park. In the the last few days, hawkwatchers have noticed a new female hanging around Pale Male's territory. Yesterday, photographer Lincoln Karim has witnessed Pale Male courting and inviting this female to his Fifth Avenue nest.
martyc35 01/10/11 01:34 pm This is so sad. Lincoln fears, but cannot prove, that Lola was poisoned. No way to complete an investigation, though. The new mate is way darker than Lola.
Melanie 01/10/11 01:43 pm That's what happened to First Love.
martyc35 01/10/11 02:26 pm Now, I guess the question is, will that damned nest work properly?
Shelley 01/10/11 02:45 pm Yes, I had read of his fears of this. Very sad. And I really agree with his comments on catch-and-release fishing. I have always thought that to be a very stupid and cruel *sport*, not too much different from sport hunting, in my humble opinion.

Melanie 01/10/11 04:14 pm I never got "Catch and Release". It always struck me as being one step above pulling the wings off flies even though my brother-in-law thinks who is an avid fisherman thinks he's doing a good deed by it. I have no real heartache with hunting - I enjoy venison when I can get it, but I figure if you're going to go hunting or fishing, you'd better be prepared to eat it.
Celeste 01/10/11 04:30 pm Unfortunately I don't think the truth will ever be discovered, or perhaps if Lola's situation got some publicity maybe the real truth would come out.
I agree re catch and release, however, just as there will always be hunting, this sport will continue. Unfortunately most of the population just doesn't get how important it is to treat wildlife with respect, how the ripple effect ultimately affects humans. Catch and release can work if people are educated as to what to do. Perhaps publicity about this could also be helpful's just such an overwhelming and complicated issue that seems to go on and on.
DaisyG 01/13/11 05:52 am Wow, just caught up with this news. What a shock.
I have been having a rest from much of the net over Christmas and New Year so hadn't visited Lincoln's site until last night.
As PM now has a new mate it will be interesting to see what happens re eggs.
Tiger 01/13/11 07:00 am Oh such sad news. I only learned it very recently. Marie Winn mentions it in her blog. See Marie Winn's Blog
Nancy L 01/14/11 11:16 am Thanks for Marie Winn's blog, Tiger. Interesting!
Lyn 01/16/11 07:42 pm Thanks for link to Marie Winn's site, Tiger, when I got my new computer I lost some of my favoites somehow.

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