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Thread subject: Remember Molly the Owl, in California?
Name Date Message
Shelley 01/10/11 07:25 pm Well, Carlos won't be broadcasting the owl box again this year. Here is his most recent message on his blog. Like all who commented, I am sad about it but completely understand and support his decision. I had no idea about the *dark side* he experienced, as he never mentioned it. But he is so right!

"We will not be broadcasting The Owl Box in 2011. Last year, when Molly showed up, Donna and I put our plans on hold while we broadcast The Owl Box. We have decided not to do that this year because at our age (closing in on 70) we do not believe it is a good idea to put ones dreams on hold. Molly was a once in a lifetime event and we will never forget her or the wonderful people we met because of her.

While 99.9% of the Molly experience was wonderful, we had our share of threats, not only to us, but to Molly and The Owl Box and as this past weekend in Tucson proves, it only takes one kook to turn an event into a real tragedy. There were also those that wanted us imprisoned and filed complaints with local, state and federal authorities because they had different views than we had when it came to the owl box, feeding the owlets and flash photography. Others did and continue to just make up stuff and post it on other sites as fact to create controversy. I share this not to complain but to let you know that broadcasting The Owl Box was not all honey and roses.

We have not reconnected any of the cameras so we have no information as to activity inside the owl box. Donna and I plan to spend most of our time traveling in 2011 and we want to thank everyone for their support."

martyc35 01/10/11 09:34 pm Sorry, Shelley. I know you will miss it, but I agree, he's right to enjoy what they had and leave it alone now. There are crazies out there, and they love the internet.
Best not to give them any opportunities.
Shelley 01/11/11 06:04 am Absolutely. It shouldn't surprise me, really. He was a lot more open with photos, etc, than I would have imagined was *healthy*. Also, when he disconnected everything, he took a photo and wow, he had something like 5 cameras, 5 computers and a ton of wiring, cables, etc. Completely apart from the fact of what it must have cost him, just the amount of time it would have demanded to keep everything up and running would have been insane.

I completely agree that one season was enough. They are good people and deserve to enjoy their lives as they want to.
Trishrg 01/11/11 08:52 pm In the mean time, come hang out with my local BNOW's.
Starr Ranch Barn Owl Cam
Shelley 01/11/11 10:26 pm Thanks, Trish, I will!

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