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Thread subject: Explanation for blue in osprey nests?
Name Date Message
FOB Webmaster 01/20/11 06:07 pm Hidden messages found in bird nest decorations

Could the love of blue in osprey nests be because it's a bright color that other birds could see?
cathleen 01/20/11 07:04 pm I have always wondered about that, since the summer of the blue teddybear at the Conn nest as well as the bright blue netting at Rhode Island Creek Cam. I swear I remember ribbon from somewhere else... but since osprey seem so inclusive about the junk they bring, I also woner if it was just coincidence...

I know - let's do a study!!! :)
Shelley 01/20/11 08:20 pm And wasn't there a blue napkin in the DPOF nest at one point?
martyc35 01/21/11 12:09 am I was dumping old pics one day and discovered some screen shots of blue and white "napkins" that I had kept while we were discussing some odd things in the nests. God knows what the birds thought they were!
terryo 01/21/11 05:27 am The Wertheim NWR had a red streamer blowing in the wind either last year or the year before. I always thought these streamers acted as a sort of windsock that pilots use for wind direction while t/o and landings. Maybe it's supposed to scare off GHO or eagles kind of like an osprey nest scarecrow. Who knows. My 2 dogs have about 25-30 toys to play with and they usually go after only "lambchops" or Rocky the squirrel to torture. Maybe it just an animal thing we're not supposed to understand. lol
cathleen 01/21/11 07:45 am Yes, I forgot about the blue napkin. It would be interesting to know if birds see certain colors and not others...
Anne UK1 01/21/11 05:53 pm All very interesting - particularly the bit about black kites and the apparent importance of adding just the right amount of white plastic to their nests.

There has to be a reason why ospreys seem particularly attracted to blue items. This theory could well be on the right track.
martyc35 01/22/11 08:20 pm See my thread above on color perception in birds. This is not very scientific, but from what they know so far, I'm guessing the love of blue is connected to the blue waters in which our osprey find their food, the stuff of life.
Mickey 01/24/11 04:36 pm our fearless leader brought it to the picnic. It was a clam bag :)
martyc35 01/24/11 04:43 pm That's a great pic, Mickey. Such a deep, deep blue.

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