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Thread subject: Osprey sighting in Southern California
Name Date Message
Trishrg 01/29/11 08:32 pm I just figured while things were slow...

I saw a bird with a nice flat fish today and got some shots. When I got home and downloaded my pix, I was surprised to see it had 2 bands. Though the pix don't give quite enough detail on the bands.

Banded Bird

Other pic
martyc35 01/29/11 10:24 pm Great work, Trish. Wonder who banded it. If they are hanging out in your neck of the woods, it can't be long before they come back here. Well, we did have a big rain downpour this evening, but the weather is mild. Good pics!
Melanie 01/30/11 08:03 am Sometimes when a bird is banded and then shows up someplace way far away from where it was originally banded and falls into human hands (how many conditions can I put on this?) a second band will be put on the bird. For example, the osprey that was born and banded near me in MD turned up in Ohio. She was snared in a banding expedition and even though she carried MD bands she was given an Ohio band. Kind of a low tech version of a transmitter.
Anne UK1 01/30/11 08:34 am Nice photos Trish :)

Not long now until we can start to catch up with all the familiar faces. I can't wait to see if Marge will be back with us.
FOB Webmaster 01/30/11 09:21 am The band on the right leg has "USA" on it -- that might be a FWS or USGS federal band.

The band on the left has an "A" and the rest I can read is "GM" and "6147." I tried to find if there's a state that uses silver bands (states usually color their bands differently) but I couldn't find info. Maybe someone else can.

If could be a California bird, but the "A" made me wonder if it could be from Alaska or another state.
Trishrg 01/30/11 09:38 am I know that one of people that does banding around here in my area puts his OWN bands on birds, along with the federal band. Learned this by watching the BNOW cam.

Thanks for that info Lisa. I will see what I can find out
FOB Webmaster 01/30/11 09:43 am Hmm...if a private bander did it and used their own band, that might explain why it's silver -- like the federal band -- rather than colored like a state band.
Trishrg 01/30/11 10:01 am I sent off pix to a friend who manages Starr Ranch Audubon sanctuary locally.
While I was writing, I recalled the bander is Pete Bloom, our local world renowned raptor expert.
I have heard mention of him using "monel" bands that are silver. This is all new stuff to me.
I wonder if that could be OM not GM?
I'll see if I get a reply.
Celeste 01/30/11 04:53 pm The first osprey live shots of 2011! Thanks Trish!
Trishrg 01/31/11 12:24 pm I got info.
Banded locally, and the left is a monel band, the last 2 letters OM of the bander Pete Bloom, and the last 4 digits of his phone number 6147.
Other than that, they told me to get numbers off the other band next time so we know which bird it is, LOL!
Lyn 01/31/11 01:39 pm Beautiful shot Trish.
FOB Webmaster 01/31/11 03:13 pm Very interesting - thanks, Trish
Trishrg 01/31/11 03:33 pm Same bird I presume, different day.

New pic
Anne UK1 01/31/11 05:13 pm Looks like he could be thinking exactly the same thing Trish! ;)

martyc35 01/31/11 06:23 pm Oh, my, isn't he a thoughtful looking guy? Great pics, Trish, and good info, too.
Pam 02/02/11 06:59 am Beautiful photographs Trish and interesting information.

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