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Thread subject: Dawn Chorus: I owe money, 76 species!
Name Date Message
martyc35 01/30/11 01:52 pm They had a great time and found 76 species, took pics of the birds AND the birders, a good time had by all.
Shelley 01/30/11 08:50 pm Sounds like it was great fun, doesn't it? Some of those photos were terrific. Thanks, Marty.

A couple of questions: What exactly does the reference to *Kossacks* mean? I always thought it meant Russians, but is there another meaning, that relates to birders? If so, I am clueless. Also, in a few of the comments, I noticed some began with *asdf*. What does that mean? I don't think I've seen it before and wonder if it's one of those internet-speak type of abbreviations.
Celeste 01/31/11 04:51 am I'd love to join their group! I googled "kossacks birders, and it brought me to the above group. I'm wondering if it's because it's winter and they named themselves that? Wondering if Marty will know! In any case they seem to really have great fun and take wonderful photos.
Lyn 01/31/11 01:31 pm Marty, quick question off topic. Has Pete's Pond changed their addy? Haven't been able to get on there in a while, and I miss the birds that are so abundant there.
martyc35 01/31/11 04:45 pm Yes, Lyn, I miss Pete's Pond, too. They have shut down the live cams and I don't know whether there are plans to resume, but it doesn't sound likely, sorry to say. I guess Nat'l Geographic has decided not to put any more money into it. I'll bet the wildlife is still there, so I hope they survive well.
martyc35 01/31/11 05:00 pm Shelley and Celeste: These are wonderful folks, mostly on the West Coast, although birders from all over chime in on the weekly blog, and some, like Matching Mole in Florida and Julie (Wolf) Waters in New England fill in for Lineatus when she can't do the blog. This blog is but one of thousands that take to the internet through DailyKos (thus the nickname of Kossack), a politically left-leaning blog started by Markos Moulitsos, who lives in Berkeley, CA. He started the blog to give voice to those who opposed our domestic and foreign policies in the 90s. It mushroomed into a huge online community of mostly Democrats or independents, and now it has subcommunities of like-minded folks such as the birders, naturalists, conservationists, organic gardeners, peace lovers, scientists, you name it. One can join the parent org for free at I like to look for diaries that catch my interest, and I skip most of the discussions about politics unless it's an issue such as the oil spill that gets my attention. Once one has joined, it's easy to ignore most of it and pick the stuff you like. By subscribing (for a little money), one can get rid of the annoying ads that are always there on the front page. If you join, you will be able to chat with the folks in the birding group, and I know they will welcome you, as they have been very kind to me. I would go on those jaunts with them if it weren't for my age and trouble in traveling very far. I used to live in the Bay Area, and I am familiar with most of the areas they go to. Take a look and see what you think.
martyc35 01/31/11 05:09 pm Almost forgot--asdf is what you type in the subject line when you are still on the same subject or just adding a bit more, or when you don't have a particular subject in mind. It's a test of my elderly adaptability to get used to the online jargon, but I now know LOL, IIRC, IMHO, and a lot of other silly stuff that e-mailers and bloggers use. I don't Tweet or Text, thank goodness, but I notice that my granddaughter talks to me as if I were one of her tweeting friends, and she has called me Dude on many occasions, even before she started using a computer:-). If I can do it, I guess anyone can, Shelley.
Lyn 02/02/11 11:30 pm Thanks for the comback Marty, I thought maybe they were down for repairs at first, then realized something must be wrong. What a shame to lose that cam, as I liked to pop on there late every night. The diverstity of birds and wild life to view was unparelled.

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