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Thread subject: Hmmm, not exactly a bird discussion, but...
Name Date Message
Celeste 01/31/11 04:47 am With all the snow we are having here on the Island I really make an effort to trudge through the snow in my yard to put seed in the feeders (always with fingers crossed I won't slip). I read this is the hardest time of the year for birds as they are stressed from the winter. I have 3 squirrels who "hang out" in my yard, and one of them who seems to be bigger and older is doing a great job teaching the 2 smaller squirrels the different techniques of of hanging from the tube feeder. The older one hangs with its tail at the top with it's mouth against the opening, the younger ones, hang also, but they do sit ups to get to the opening. Anyways, this video caught my eye, particularly the squirrel who lives in the city...


Lyn 01/31/11 01:37 pm Hi Celeste, we get out there in the yard too, especially during this snowy weather. I also throw handsful of peanuts for our squirrels. We recently got a new "squirrel proof" feeder with the weight on it closure system. The birds love it and the squirrels haven't figured it out yet.
Pamela 01/31/11 05:22 pm Lyn, we had a "squirrel proof" feeder with the weight closure system at one time too.
One day we were missing "Stretch", a squirrel much like the acrobats that practice on Celeste's feeders and when my husband opened the top of the feeder to refill it there was Stretch stretched out on the seed.
He was dehydrated and lethargic, but eventually hopped out of the feeder. He never returned to hang by one leg and feast from the feeder again.
Nancy L 01/31/11 07:19 pm Wow, Pamela, that's one for the books! I also am trudging carefully in my high boots, trying to step in the same footsteps as before to get to my feeders. The old snow is at least one foot deep here, with another round expected tomorrow/Wed.
Lyn 02/02/11 11:36 pm It's a good thing your husband happened to go out when he did! I'm not quite certain how ours works, Jim put it up just before the snow, so I haven't been able to check it out yet. I saw our resident squirrels check it out a couple of times, but they can't get to the openings, so so far have given up.
cathy 02/07/11 09:17 pm I really enjoyed that video, Celeste! I guess there's very little one can do to stop the squirrels. I have a cage filled with suet and seeds for the birds hanging from a thin branch that can't support a squirrel, yet can't break. I think even the birds consider it too risky because its so exposed so it doesn't have many customers.

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