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Thread subject: So Cal January photo album
Name Date Message
Trishrg 02/04/11 08:40 am Lots of birds are the same as the December album, but it's the birds that are there :-)
I mostly bird at Bolsa Chica Wetlands, and go every weekend if I can. I'm a native here, and just in the last 2 years learned what an "IBA of global significance" is. What a treasure I found!
Nancy L 02/04/11 12:36 pm The photos in your Slideshow were georgous.
terryo 02/04/11 12:48 pm Great pixs, enjoyed very much, what a wonderful variety.
martyc35 02/04/11 01:38 pm Thanks, Trish. WYP, I'm forwarding your show to my granddaughter, who is now taking a raptor class at Humboldt State U. She took ornithology last semester and is also studying lepidoptery now. Yesterday, on our way back from the doctor, she said, "Oh, I forgot to swing past that spot where a whole bunch of long-billed curlews are." I said not to forget me next time she sees something special like that. She will love your WTKites. She was out, measuring their hoverings yesterday:-).
Celeste 02/04/11 01:47 pm Really Stunning Photos Trish. Thank you for labeling them also!
Pam 02/04/11 06:17 pm Fabulous !! Thanks Trish - hard to pick a favourite. What a wonderful variety of birds in your area - a "treasure" indeed.
Pamela 02/04/11 07:07 pm When is your name going to appear in the corner?Trish, your photographs are better than some professional photos I have recently seen.
The bobbing Osprey was a welcome sight.
You have certainly found IBA's of global significance :>D
Trishrg 02/04/11 09:51 pm Marty, feel free to share my pix.

Pamela- thanks for the compliments. I'm not quite ready for a smugmug account. I may start tagging my name on the pix though.

I will be off in the morning to start my February album!
Shelley 02/05/11 11:03 am Great photos, Trish. Thanks!
Vicki in S. CA. 02/05/11 11:49 am Wow Trish, those are terrific pictures! I have been to Bolsa Chica several times and your pictures tell me I need to go again. I was amazed at the GB Heron nests I saw there. Are those trees still there for this season?
Trishrg 02/05/11 11:31 pm Vicki~ Yes, the trees are still there, and nesting very much in full action right now. The palm trees up on the mesa have birds nesting in every single tree, It's quite a sight. There are photog's there almost full time now.
I saw a pair mating today. What a sight, LOL!
Tim P 02/06/11 07:13 am Very nice photos Trish. Thanx for sharing.
Kathy 02/06/11 10:07 am Teriffic pics...thanks Trish.
Lori 02/06/11 02:39 pm Great pictures Trish! I especially like the white tailed Kites, I've never seen one :) Keep up the great work
cathy 02/07/11 09:22 pm Beautiful pictures. Must have taken a lot of time and many shots to get these good ones.

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