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Thread subject: Wakened at 5:30 A.M. by tsunami warning...
Name Date Message
martyc35 03/11/11 12:45 pm The horrible 8.9 quake in Japan set the tsunamis in motion, and I was awakened at 5+ a.m. by our automatic telephone warning system. Of oourse, I am high up above the ocean and not in any danger, but the low-lying marshy area near the mouth of Mad River is where my granddaughter lives, and she was evacuated, cursing her luck after partying a bit last night. They have closed the major highway up and down the coast until the danger is past. No big damage nor any injuries in our area, but the Santa Cruz Harbor at Monterey Bay has taken quite a hit, with boats in the harbor being knocked loose and lots of stuff floating around. Nothing like it was in Japan, of course, and my heart goes out to all the people there. This was their worst quake in recorded history, with one wave about 23 feet high, mowing down everything in its path. I am very lucky to be where I am. My granddaughter will go to school, which is out of danger, and she will be okay. Our power plant, near the surf, was shut down as a precaution, so we may have rolling blackouts today, but we can live with that. One big concern in Japan are the nuclear power plants along the coast there; we fought those off here because they were planned to sit right on the San Andreas fault. I'm not sorry.
FOB Webmaster 03/11/11 01:01 pm Maybe one good thing that comes out of it is people rethinking the drive to start building new nuclear power plants. Why in the world you would even think about putting one on a fault line is beyond me.
Anne-UK1 03/11/11 01:24 pm I just heard on the radio news that they're evacuating some folk in California. Came on here straight away to say I hope you all keep safe over there. I'm glad you're high up Marty, and at least there's plenty of warning for people lower down to get themselves out of the danger area.

I'm wondering about Phoebe hummingbird too. Looking at a map, Orange County seems to be on the coast. Maybe it's a bigger area than I think and her nest is safely inland - I hope so anyway.

Take care all :)
martyc35 03/11/11 02:02 pm The evacuations in CA are all precautionary, but a good idea. Two men in Oregon were swept off the rocks and a rescue attempt is underway. They were obviously where they should not have been. Just north of here, Crescent City is taking it again, with their entire harbor destroyed, but I think no injuries. We are lucky to have the tsunami warning system. We have folks here who live in little communities along the beaches, and they all had to evacuate to higher ground. Highway 1/101 is closed all along the coast here and probably all the way to the Mexican border. Orange County has a fairly long coastline, Anne, including Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and others. They all have tsunami warning sytems, too. Most of the county is inland, of course, and higher up. It's our harbors that take the hits here because of so many boats that are moored there. When they break loose, all hell does, too. We'll be able to assess the damage better in a few more hours. Pardon my politics, but the Republicans in Congress have proposed cutting the funding for our weather service and things like tsunami and volcano warnings. Huh.
Trishrg 03/11/11 03:53 pm Orange county got nothing, so your hummingbird would not be in danger.
I had a planned day off today, and stuck to my plan to go the Bolsa Chica wetlands. The tide was super low.... not sure I've ever seen it so low.
Also, there was a huge non-presence of birds available today, which was really weird.
Aside from the dozens of passes by helicopters from the police, coast guard, and news stations, not much else to mention.
Orange county is sort of south facing, so not in the same kind of position to be in danger from the current tidal events.... with the exception of the water all getting sucked out. That was strange.
martyc35 03/11/11 04:19 pm Glad you are okay, Trish, but when the water sucks out, it usually comes rushing back in with some fury, so be careful out there.
Melanie 03/11/11 05:10 pm For what it's worth, from the Washington Post: among the proposed GOP budget cuts are deep cuts for the National Weather Service, including the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii. Timing is everything.
Anne-UK1 03/11/11 05:31 pm How can they even think of making those cuts? Absolute madness.

Glad to hear it doesn't seem to have been too bad for you out there and I hope it stays that way. Thanks for the geographical info too. I know she's 'only' a bird, but I'm happy to hear she's out of the way of this particular danger.
Celeste 03/11/11 06:29 pm Thanks Marty and Trish for the updates. My thoughts have been with you both and all that are effected by the events of today.
DaisyG 03/12/11 10:06 am My thoughts are with you also. What a monster this turned into.
Agree with you Anne, making cuts like that is insane. As is building nuclear power plants on or near fault lines or along the coast.
Trish, your reporting of the water being sucked out and the birds going awol made the back of my neck prickle.
martyc35 03/12/11 02:03 pm The Darwin Report...Update on Crescent City, where the entire harbor and boat docking facilities were swept away yesterday. One man was killed because he went out there to take pictures of the tsunami. Chalk up one more to the theory of the survival of the fittest. Darwin was a true genius.
marty (everything fine here, but it looks like we may have the possibility of nuclear fallout here from Japan's reactors if they can't get them uinder control. One exploded this morning. Prevailing winds come from east to west. So we refuse to build them on our coast and faultlines, and now we may get the results we fought to avoid, anyway.) Sometimes I'm glad I'm 76 and don't have much longer to live. Still feeling for all those poor souls in Japan, though. Ugh.
Trishrg 03/12/11 09:19 pm Really dramatic video of the tsunami.
Shelley 03/12/11 10:25 pm Trish, that was the most terrifying thing I've seen yet. Heaven help those poor people. I can only hope that those who died, died quickly and did not have too much time to be aware of the terror that enveloped them.


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