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Thread subject: UK ospreys on their way
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 03/21/11 11:58 am Male and female back at Glaslyn. 03/97 back at Rutland. Loch Garten cam is live in anticipation of EJ and Odin returning shortly.

I'm disappointed to see that Loch of the Lowes are not allowing any comments to be posted this year. And I gather we won't be allowed to take captures of stills or videos this year. I appreciate moderating takes valuable time and also that they have copyright issues, but when you think of the publicity gained for that reserve last year thanks to all the viewers, not to mention the amount of money that was raised by bloggers publishing a book and buying cards made by one individual, I think it's a sad state of affairs when their public have the door so firmly shut in their face without so much as a by your leave :(

Once again, I realise just how lucky we were with the DPOF website and cam.
martyc35 03/21/11 12:51 pm How lucky we were and still are, I think. We may not still have the cam, and that is a big loss, but we still have this chat list, and we have access to most of the stuff in the archives.
Pam 03/21/11 12:52 pm I agree wholeheartedly with your comments Anne. Some of the websites seem to think they own the birds and just ALLOW us to view them as they see fit. I don't like that attitude at all.
Rutland has a nice new webcam page as of this afternoon it seems. I checked this morning and things have changed since then. No osprey visible right now.
Pam 03/21/11 12:56 pm I posted on another website that Dennis and I thought we saw an osprey flying over our house yeserday. It was flying east with a steady flap, flap, glide motion. Who knows? - it could have been 03 :-))
Anne-UK1 03/21/11 02:27 pm Oh Pam, I do envy you - no-one can tell you it wasn't 03, that's for sure! And in all honesty, it would be some coincidence if it were another osprey.

I've just looked at the Rutland website - the webcam looks to be a much clearer picture than last year, which is excellent news.

Yes Marty, we are very lucky to still have this board. And the archives, which I've not investigated as yet - I have a feeling I'll need to set aside a few hours for that little adventure. I'm not quite sure how it works, but I think we are all indebted to Tom once again :)
Tiger 03/21/11 02:40 pm Anne I think you are allowed to take captures at LOTL, you are just not allowed to post them!! :) :)
Celeste 03/21/11 03:50 pm They are back in my neck of the woods. Though I haven't seen one, my hubby taking a walk heard one, and a friend of mine saw one flying with a fish across Sunrise Highway. Sure enough, as Newsday reported last year, the moment the trucks pull away after stocking the lakes with trout, the osprey arrive! Happy Day!:-)
Anne-UK1 03/21/11 06:58 pm Thanks Tiger. So would I be able to upload videos to youtube so long as I categorised them as private?

I think the biggest shame is the loss of the blog. Last year people in the US and Australia were able to post obs of events while the rest of us were sleeping. And of course to catch up on events that happened early morning our time, which they'd otherwise have missed out on.

The trouble was, there was too much chat. If it had been as self-disciplined as this message board has always been perhaps things could have been different.

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