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Thread subject: Loch Garten ospreys
Name Date Message
bethohio 03/24/11 12:37 pm We have someone on the nest right now...
Could it be EJ???!!!
Trishrg 03/24/11 12:41 pm Link please
bethohio 03/24/11 12:42 pm EJ?
bethohio 03/24/11 12:46 pm Maybe...
Anne-UK1 03/24/11 01:06 pm Hi Beth. I just this second looked in and saw someone on the nest with a fish. EJ or Odin? I don't know, but it's a sight for sore eyes. I think I see a leg ring which would be EJ - I hoped someone on here would have an id for us .... I'll go check the LG blog pages and see what I can find out.
Anne-UK1 03/24/11 01:10 pm EJ according to bloggers. And someone got the moment of her arrival for us to see :) - EJ arrives ! :)))
Anne-UK1 03/24/11 01:12 pm Forgot to say - she arrived at 2.15pm our time - not sure how many hours you are behind us just now, but this post is timed at 5.11pm our time, so she landed three hours ago.
bethohio 03/24/11 01:14 pm Awesome news-thanks Anne!!!
Anne-UK1 03/24/11 01:16 pm Doesn't she look well? I can't believe she's back already - every year it takes my breath away to see these birds just drop back on the nest as if they've only been down the road for a few days.

Nature is amazing :)
bethohio 03/24/11 01:18 pm Wonderful, just super news :)
Anne-UK1 03/24/11 01:24 pm Just found this on the blog page, posted by the lady who captured the above video for us. She was pretty close with her guess of when EJ would be back!

Posted on Tuesday, 22 March 2011 at 10:48
Hi everybody.

I've not been around for quite a long time now but just want to wish you all a great Osprey season.

My anticipated time of arrival for EJ is Thursday 24th at about 3:15pm.

I will be leaving Real Player running to catch most of the nests events so I can watch them all later in the day.
bethohio 03/24/11 01:31 pm She is still on the nest :)))
Anne-UK1 03/24/11 01:32 pm Well, apparently our very own Tiger was even more accurate in his prediction - just one minute out. Well done Tiger!

Celeste 03/24/11 01:33 pm LOL

Grabbed a couple of shots of an osprey having a lovely fish dinner. He didn't want to put his face to the camera, though I kept asking him to!:-)
Celeste 03/24/11 01:35 pm Sorry meant to label the link Loch Garten. Guess I'm so excited to see an osprey looking so well and arriving safely:-)
bethohio 03/24/11 01:37 pm What a gal EJ...She is the best!

Thanks Tiger, Anne and Celeste...
Anne-UK1 03/24/11 01:39 pm You and me both Celeste. First sight of an osprey and we go completely feather-brained, eh ;) I've just got the hugest grin on my face right now.
martyc35 03/24/11 02:14 pm That is fantastic. She looks great! Those eyes, always sooo expressive, and just looking round to see that everything is in place, and then to lunch! Great video.
Tiger 03/24/11 04:17 pm Thanks Anne, bethohio and everyone else. This was a really special day. I am wondering if it eclipses the Flag momment from 2006 but I guess not!
Pam 03/24/11 05:09 pm Thanks for that wonderful news Beth.
Nancy L 03/25/11 11:42 am Thanks very much , Anne for that video of the arrival & fish dinner.
DaisyG 03/26/11 05:16 pm But Tiger was spot on with his prediction not one minute out Anne. He said 2.15pm and that's what it was :)

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