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Thread subject: Moments Like This Do Not Happen Very Often
Name Date Message
Tiger 03/24/11 04:13 pm A few day ago I made my prediction that EJ would return at 2.15pm on Thursday 24th March. Then I realised that I was supposed to be somewhere at 2.00pm. I tried to postpone just to be able to see if my prediction came true not I had much faith that it would.

I decided I would be late for my appointment. However as it came to 2.10pm I began to write my excuses for having got my prediction wrong. On the other hand I kept telling myself that if she had already arrived I would have been wrong.

As the clock moved to 2.14pm I really got ready to post my message as soon as the cloch hit 2.15pm. Then amazingly there she was flying on to the nest. It was so incredibly exciting.

I posted this on the main board at exactly 2.15pm

2.15pm. There is a bird on the nest a few minutes ago but not an osprey. That my EJ prediction gone awry. :(

OMG She is ther.

So there EJ you have given me one of the most exciting moments in my entire life.
Pam 03/24/11 05:07 pm Fantastic Tiger - a moment to remember !
Celeste 03/24/11 06:29 pm Wow that is definitely a " moment to remember"!!!!
Anne-UK1 03/24/11 06:36 pm Well, I know how I felt when I looked in around 5pm and saw an osprey on the nest, so I can only imagine how it felt for you Tiger, writing away and suddenly there she was. You must have thought you were hallucinating!

Good old EJ - she's got the season off to a great start. One you'll never forget anyway.
Tiger 03/24/11 06:58 pm As you can see I had the excuse written and in another minute or so the computer would have been switched off.
Anne-UK1 03/24/11 07:05 pm So - how late were you for that appointment in the end? It must have been hard to tear yourself away once EJ put in an appearance.

Anne-UK1 03/24/11 07:08 pm Tiger I meant to ask - I seem to have lost my ability to download videos on real player. I see from the main LG blog I'm not the only one, but I don't read the various discussion topics over there so don't know if anyone's found the solution yet. Have you got any ideas? The "download video" box just doesn't show up any more - I've no idea why.
Tiger 03/24/11 07:09 pm Well it so happened that I got a call before 2pm that one of the people I was due to meet would be late. Yes I know what you mean it was hard to tear myself away. But that is life at times!

It seems to be a week of very rare events. Yesterday I had to have a tooth removed and I have not had that done since man landed on the moon.
Tiger 03/24/11 07:10 pm Anne I am having the same problem with the video. Clearly some people do have a solution.
Anne-UK1 03/24/11 07:27 pm Oh well, at least you knew she was back before you had to go. Her timing was quite uncanny though - if I didn't know better I'd think she'd been reading the blog.

Not so good about the tooth, but if every time you lose one something else big comes along to stick in the memory, maybe it's not so bad.

Strange about the video. I wondered whether to upgrade to the latest version of RP to see if that makes a difference. I might give it a go in a day or two, but maybe wait and see if it's just a temporary blip on their part first. I've not actually tried downloading anything since the end of last season so I don't know if it's been like it for a while or not.
Trishrg 03/24/11 07:58 pm Tiger~ Could you tell me your thoughts on the Mega-Millions numbers for tomorrow night? If I win, I'll share!

Shelley 03/25/11 06:14 am LOL! Tiger, I agree with Trish - you can pick my numbers, too! ;-)

Hope your dental visit went according to plan and that you are recovered.
bethohio 03/25/11 09:39 am Mega-Millions -- count me in!!

Woo-hoo Tiger~what a great day to remember!

Vicki in S. CA. 03/25/11 11:36 am Good work Tiger. You will always remember this!
martyc35 03/25/11 01:56 pm OK, how the hell did you do that, Tiger? Had you looked up her previous times to make an educated guess, or was it just a stab in the dark (within an educated guess, of course)? And since we are on this topic, how many years has she returned so reliably? I could look it up, but I'm sure you know. I remember many times that Henry arrived late, but she must be reaching a record by now, especially if we have to stop counting the lady at LotL.
martyc35 03/25/11 02:12 pm Actually, I looked it up, Tiger, and I see this is her 9th season, so she has a hell of a long way to go to beat the lady, who has still not returned this year, but they haven't given up hope. Last year was her 20th. It's hard to imagine that she will make it 21, but miracles do happen, so they wait. I see that you have won something with your accurate prediction. Congratulations!
Tiger 03/26/11 09:17 am Here is the exact prediction

Posted on Saturday, 19 March 2011 at 13:51

Thank you Caroline and Richard for the latest blog. It is great to see the nest again. I hope is the start of another great season.

EJ has a real habit of turning up in the afternoon. Maybe she sleeps late. Since the weather is good just now I am going to be bold and predict that she will arrive on Thursday 24th March at about 2.15pm.

Here is a record of her history of when she turned up each year.

2004 Thursday 25th March at 4.05pm

2005 Tuesday 29th March at 4.45pm

2006 Saturday 26th March at 2.45pm

2007 Wednesday 4th April at 4.55pm

2008 Wednesday 26th March at 2.45pm

2009 Thursday 25 March at about 5.06pm

2010 Friday 26 March at about 2.07pm

2011 ????????????????????????????
Tiger 03/26/11 09:22 am Thank you all for the congratulations. Yes it will be a moment never to forget.

Anyway yesterday at 1.15pm my internet connection went dead and I was off the net for nearly 24 hours. I guess it is a sort of karma! :)

Here was my post to say she had arrived.

Posted on Thursday, 24 March 2011 at 14:15
2.15pm. There is a bird on the nest a few minutes ago but not an osprey. That my EJ prediction gone awry. :(

OMG She is there.
martyc35 03/26/11 02:34 pm Pretty dramatic, Tiger. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy (or a nicer bird, either).
Tiger 03/26/11 02:51 pm Awww thank you Marty.
DaisyG 03/26/11 05:18 pm A never to be forgotten day eh Tiger? Fabulous :)
Shelley 03/26/11 06:53 pm They should name her first chick Tiger! ;-)
Pam 03/27/11 05:54 am Now that is a brilliant idea Shelley. Tiger would value that more than anything.

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