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Thread subject: Kentucky Osprey Nest vacant again
Name Date Message
Trishrg 03/24/11 07:51 pm It seems the GHOW's that took over the nest, broke their eggs. Last I looked they are no longer there.
Were just there a couple of days ago.
Sad for the owls, maybe good for the osprey though hopefully!
KeepKY Cam
Tiger 03/24/11 08:31 pm So the suprises continue.
Anne-UK1 03/25/11 03:51 am Sad for the owls, yes, but good news for the ospreys. Thanks for the update Trish.
Pam 03/25/11 06:57 am SamiS posted about this on 21st, see message in GHO nest thread below.

Quote from SamiS:
"The returning ospreys have opted to build their nest in a tree that is exposed to storms :-( Hope that fair weather prevails throughout the O season!"

Maybe now the GHO have vacated the Ospreys will return to their rightful home.

Quite remarkable how other birds use Osprey nests. The Rutland nest has geese and a Pied wagtail but I expect the Ospreys will see them off when they return.
FOB Webmaster 03/25/11 09:21 am Are they sure no one tried to get the owls out by breaking the eggs?
Trishrg 03/25/11 10:18 am Knowing humans, you just never know????
But man, I would really hate to think that.

Their home page says-

"Owl Squatters Occupy Osprey Nest

The osprey nest has been occupied by a pair of Great Horned Owls. See photo below. There were originally 2 eggs being attended by the owl pair. However, both were broken by the owls while incubating them. We are not sure what will happen now."

What puzzles me is 2 days before, the eggs were being happily incubated. It is somewhat difficult to believe that being that far along they "broke". But I guess one will never really know.
martyc35 03/25/11 01:59 pm Does sound a bit suspicious, but I will hope it was a natural, not man-made disaster. I have no idea whether owls lay second clutches.
Melanie 03/25/11 03:51 pm I can't imagine someone foolhardy enough to challenge an owl for eggs or nest.
martyc35 03/25/11 04:13 pm Possibly crows, when the owls weren't around, could have gone for the eggs without trying for the nest.
SamiS 03/26/11 04:53 pm Hi
Here is a link that might help

I'll ask Ed Ray (director of KEEP) if he could provide further information about the GHO eggs.
SamiS 03/27/11 01:23 am Ed Ray sent me some photos that showed what happened to the eggs. It is the same as those seen on BCAW. It seems that the GHO was responsible for breaking the eggs and its subsequent removal from the nest.

The displaced ospreys are doing fine in their nest that they built in the "Charlie Brown" tree. There was some high winds a few nights ago ...not known if the nest withstood it.
Pam 03/27/11 05:49 am Thanks for that information SamiS. I wonder if they will just keep the WO cam running on the empty nest now that the ospreys have buiilt elsewhere or if they anticipate that the birds might move back home now that the GHO has gone.
Pam 03/27/11 05:52 am Also I am wondering if the WISE old owls knew that their eggs were not viable and got rid of them. Better that way than the Canada goose I watched at Race Rocks a couple of years ago. She sat on her egg way beyond due hatching date and finally she ate it (hard boiled).
SamiS 03/27/11 01:20 pm Hi Pam...

.Ed said that the cam will be running for another 2 to 3 weeks. If there is no occupants in the nest, they will probably close the season early.

I just checked in on the nest and it is empty :-(

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