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Thread subject: Loch of the Lowes osprey blog
Name Date Message
Tim P 03/27/11 07:32 am this article explains the closing of the blog.
Pam 03/27/11 08:23 am Hmmmmmm !!!!
Anne-UK1 03/27/11 09:45 am Hmmm indeed Pam. I have a feeling the only thing that would keep many watching this year now, is if Marge returns. Without her and with no feeling of inclusion, more than a few may decide to cut LotL out of their lives.

Interesting reading the comments under that article too. I saw in a discussion a week or two back that the book which was produced by bloggers had been reprinted once or twice, but will not be reprinted again despite there being people who would very much like to have a copy.

None of it makes sense to me. Cutting off their noses to spite their faces springs to mind. Okay, they may save money by not wasting staff's time on monitoring the blog, but if income drops by any degree it could well prove to be false economy.

A real shame, but I will be more tuned in to LG this year unless by some miracle Marge returns. And I doubt I'm the only one who feels that way.

Re the copyright issue on captures and videos - does it really cost LotL money if people post clips on youtube? I know they planned to release a dvd of last year's story, but as far as I know it's still not been released. If they're that lax on the biggest season in their history, I can't imagine there's any great production system up and running that's going to bring in money for them.

I also wonder what LotL staff think about all this. The decisions seem to have been made by SWT as the parent, whether with or without the agreement of LotL I don't know.

Such is life.
Shelley 03/27/11 10:36 am How will anyone even know if Lady returns? Is the site down as well, or just the blog part that takes comments? I am assuming the cams will still be running (and monitored)?
Anne-UK1 03/27/11 10:58 am The cam's running Shelley, though I think it's not the proper cam just yet - Link . And the staff are posting official blogs every day or so. So we will know what's happening, just not as instantly it happens.

People can't talk to each other any more to discuss what they've seen. And while there was way too much chat last year, meaning many like me didn't bother reading it at all unless desperate to know the lates on Marge during her illness, I think it's a real shame that there's not even an obs board. As we all know, for anyone who can only look in now and again, it's such a plus to be able to catch up quickly on the day's events.

If I thought there was any point I'd contact LotL with a link to the DPOF obs board, but I doubt they'd even go with that because again it would need someone monitoring to make sure it was used as intended.

The article Tim posted above mentions a new site where bloggers are in touch with each other. I've no idea where that is, but maybe it will fill the gap okay for them.
Shelley 03/27/11 11:24 am Thanks, Anne. That cam won't load for me, it just goes round and round or turns into a blank screen. I am not having such great luck this morning with cams, it seems. Except for the adorable hummingbird chicks in California, 2 weeks old yesterday and growing beautifully. They will be fledging soon!

hummingbird cam
martyc35 03/27/11 12:47 pm Thanks for the link, Shelley. I had lost it. The babies are adorable, of course, but, oh, those screaming ads at the beginning, ugh. Why do some advertisers think that American actors doing very bad British or Australian dialects make for attractive advertising? I've never figured that out.
Melanie 03/27/11 01:39 pm I don't think it costs LotL a single penny out of pocket if someone puts a clip up on YouTube. Perhaps what they are thinking is that the availabillity of a clip on YouTube would dilute the market or demand to buy a DVD; like the idea of why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
Anne-UK1 03/27/11 02:19 pm Shelley, the Rutland cam's being a bit temperamental at the minute. If it doesn't load, just refresh the page. The hummer chicks are adorable aren't they. And such a short cycle from laying to fledging makes them even more watchable - I'm just struggling to find time to fit all the cams in and we've not even started properly yet. Lily & Hope bear plus the two new little cubs are others I'm missing too much of.

Marty I never turn the sound up until the ads have finished. No ads on the Rutland cam, but the intro sound effects would get a bit wearing after a while I think!

Melanie, I don't know that LotL are planning to make any more dvds. I guess it's just easier to put a blanket ban on all captures to reduce the chances of anyone making money from them somehow.

I've done more thinking about their ban on comments. I think last year was the first they had that facility (could be wrong) - certainly it was the first year it really took off. And the chat was pretty much non-stop, like on the hummingbird site. So in a way I can see their point, I just didn't like the way it seemed they'd announced it with no warning. But reading more info, it seems they did email all those who were registered, so perhaps those people had time to organise themselves an alternative.

Yes, they've lost the direct contact with staff, but then how many sites offer that anyway.

We're lucky to have cams to watch and maybe I just fell into the trap of taking things for granted. We live in a magical age :)
Melanie 03/27/11 08:25 pm You (or someone else) could always create your own Facebook Fan page which would allow postings and conversations. We've got a backup page for DPOF just in case.
Shelley 03/27/11 08:32 pm I also turn off the sound at the hummer cam until the ads finish. I also click off the chat space as it drives me crazy. I go there to watch the hummers and that's all I want to see. They truly are adorable
Anne-UK1 03/28/11 02:20 pm I think they probably have set something up Melanie. I don't use facebook, but then I didn't post on the blogs either so I'm not missing out. I just felt for those who might be.

Wherever their new site is, I bet it's absolutely buzzing tonight! :)
Anne-UK1 03/29/11 06:31 am I came across the new chat page last night. It looks as if it's something to do with SWT still, though I may be wrong on that. But the chat is flowing very freely, and there are also contributions from Peter who was the main man at LotL last year and presumably is again this, so maybe things have turned out better than I thought for those who like to post and read frequently.

Reading the blog this morning also, there is now a dedicated email address so if anyone has any major concerns about happenings on the nest they can communicate them efficiently. I think this is an improvement on last year as I know I felt absolutely helpless when I looked in on that Saturday morning and saw Marge so clearly in a state of distress. From what I recall, the centre staff were unaware there was an issue until they turned up for duty an hour or two later. Not that they could do much when they did arrive, but on another occasion it may be that time is of the essence.

Hopefully there will be nothing to alarm anyone this year - Marge deserves a good season after the last one. I'm wondering if the dvd will be released now - it had crossed my mind they might be waiting to see if she returned or not so that they could give the story a more definitive ending. They've certainly got one that will leave a smile on our faces now :)

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