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Thread subject: Loch of the Lowes - unidentified osprey on nest
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 03/28/11 09:22 am From their blog:

Weâre excited to let you know that within the last two hours an unidentified osprey has paid a visit to our nest. At around 12.10 pm today, an osprey popped up in view, landing on the nest for a few short minutes before taking off again.

Unfortunately, as the visit was so brief, we are unable to make a positive ID. However we are hopeful that it could have been our resident female osprey, known by many as âLadyâ, because the bird did not appear to have a leg ring.
Tiger 03/28/11 11:11 am Well I saw it and am convinced it was Lady.
Tim P 03/28/11 11:12 am
Tiger 03/28/11 01:08 pm It is Marge back now.
Anne-UK1 03/28/11 01:23 pm Thanks Tiger. Just this second looked in and thought it was! Happy days :)))
martyc35 03/28/11 01:34 pm 21 years! Well, the experts may have to revise their estimated life span on ospreys, which they have set at 25 years. Considering they don't start breeding for a few years, this would make Marge (Lady) about 100 in human terms. Imagine anyone that age flying back from Africa:-).
I am excited for Marge! She probably thinks she was a tad late.
Melanie 03/28/11 01:35 pm And whoever is back again
Anne-UK1 03/28/11 01:37 pm Edited - just remembered this message board could get into trouble if I breach someone's copyright, and I wouldn't want that to happen.

She's sitting there nicely at the minute anyway, and I'm sure there will be plenty of views for all to see over the coming months.

She's got a nice big fish in her foot too, so supper's sorted.
martyc35 03/28/11 01:40 pm I see your point, Anne, and duly edited here, too. Good to see her back on the nest, and Cam 2 is working better for me than Cam 1. Hope you are correct (again), Tiger.
Celeste 03/28/11 04:14 pm That is truly wonderful news! A true miracle osprey!:-)
Anne-UK1 03/28/11 05:53 pm Fully agreed Celeste! :)

Marty, they're running two cams at the minute because there's a problem with the proper HD one.
. Cam 2 is the one that's usually set to the long distance view, hence it's colour but not great quality. Cam 1 is the night vision cam, so it probably isn't so good for daytime viewing.

Hopefully they'll get it all sorted soon.

Tiger - when can we expect Green 7Y to return?

SamiS 03/29/11 05:09 am March 28th----As of 950a (scotland time) they confirmed that the osprey is definitely Lady...yay!

I happened to be watching the O in the nest when the cam2 started to zoom in/out. I figured they were trying to identify her from the marking on her right eye and the absence of a leg band.

She is still in the nest, trying to move the branches around but always on the alert.
Celeste 03/29/11 08:43 am Well I'm thrilled, I finally got to see the Lady:-)
martyc35 03/29/11 03:07 pm Glad they finally confirmed what Tiger told us yesterday:-). It is certainly something to celebrate. Now, let's hope she can make it this season.
SamiS 03/30/11 07:42 am Haven't seen Lady on the nest for a while...anyone knows of her whereabouts?
Kelly 03/30/11 08:11 am Sami, I caught her on the nest last evening, but not seen her yet this a.m. ... weather seems to be pretty miserable so she may be hunkered down off camera. I'm not the least bit concerned.
Anne-UK1 03/30/11 01:23 pm She's on the nest now :)
SamiS 03/31/11 05:28 am It is 1028am at the Loch of the Lowes and Lady has been on the nest for quite a while.
Looks like it is a miserably day for fishing...temp in the upper 40s and raining :-(

Thanks Beth and Anne-UK1 for your obs!

Celeste 03/31/11 06:02 am And sweet Lady is on her nest now! 6:02am EST:-)

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