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Thread subject: Decorah chick (north America-centric)
Name Date Message
Shelley 04/03/11 10:29 am Did anyone catch the quick reference and view of the first Decorah eagle chick on NBC's Sunday Morning show today?

So sweet, and cool that it is getting such a following.

I am watching now and can hear the geese going by
Shelley 04/03/11 10:56 am 2 babies now!! I just saw her stand up and the second one is there! She fed them and I got a screen shot but don't know how to show them here.

Anyhow, one egg left and they seem to be all doing weel.
Anne-UK1 04/03/11 12:38 pm I just looked in Shelley - Mum was just settling back down so I missed getting a capture. I got one yesterday of C1 looking good - link in the thread below.

Just checked on the hummingbirds too - wings going like mad, so fledge could be any second. I can't keep up! :)
FOB Webmaster 04/03/11 03:22 pm They have an amazing video of the first pip/hatch on YouTube
Shelley 04/03/11 06:35 pm Thanks for that link. Wonderful!

Not sure why but for the last 2 days, I can't get the hummingbird cam to load for me. I get the ad, and the chat but the cam screen is black with that circle of dots just going round and round. Anyone know why? I usually click off the chat but kept it on to see if anyone was mentioning it but they don't seem to be. Arrrgh! Just as they are about to fledge!!
Shelley 04/03/11 07:13 pm OMG!! I am watching Decorah now. Both parents are in the nest, got a great view of the 2 chicks. But at the bottom left of the nest is an obviosly dead something-or-other that has (had) black feathers. Crow? As if that isn't enough, the camera panned back and there are definitely a pair of rabbit's feet there (I recognize those from the owl box cam of last year)! Eagles eat rabbits, too? Who knew?!
Shelley 04/03/11 07:32 pm Rabbit, bird and on top (literally) of it all is a small fish that she just fed parts of to the chicks.

Wow! I have some great screen shots. I wish they had a forum like this one.
FOB Webmaster 04/03/11 08:22 pm Yeah, I saw the rabbit, too. :-)

Eagles aren't picky eaters. They prefer fish, but they'll go for anything -- roadkill, turtles, snakes, waterfowl, mammals, etc.
Melanie 04/03/11 08:32 pm Or anything that an osprey catches ;-p
Anne-UK1 04/04/11 05:06 pm Shelley, I think it's just number of viewers looking in at the hummers. If you're still on IE that won't help, as it's so slow loading. One day maybe I'll persuade you to download google chrome instead ;) Both chicks still on the nest at the moment but surely not for much longer - I hope you get to look in again before they go.

As for Decorah - definitely no shortage of food there! The crow's still there, and what's the other bird keeping it company now? Pic
Shelley 04/04/11 05:39 pm Anne, that is no bird. It's either a large rat or a gopher or something. I had the cam up in class today and you could clearly see the rodent-like face as she dragged it closer, as she fed the kids those yummy guts (wasn't there a song about gopher guts?) ;-)

But I swear, when the camera zoomed in at one point, I swear I saw a FORK! Yes, a fork (or maybe it was a spoon, a bit hard to tell under all that mess but the handle was unmistakeable). Wow, and we thought osprey were the kings of junk and weird decor!
Anne-UK1 04/04/11 05:46 pm Ah, I can see now, the funny things I couldn't make out are little legs. That makes more sense - it did look a very strange bird.

I'll have to keep an eye out for the cutlery - I hope it's a spoon not a fork, or those little chicks could be in for a prickly time.

I just turned the sound up on the hummers and it sounds really windy out there, so I hope they hang onto the nest for a while longer.
Shelley 04/04/11 07:01 pm I have the sound completely off at Decorah. It's downright scary there today!

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