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Thread subject: Some Fantastic Osprey News
Name Date Message
Tiger 04/05/11 06:18 pm Today was one of the most exciting days in the osprey world.

Last night another poster asked me about a band ID. I did not immediately recognise it but it sparked another interesting result.

However by morning there was a suspicion that the band had been wrongly read and was indeed Yellow/Black 28. Now yellow/black 28 was indeed the band put on "Baldrick" the runt of the brood in 2004 (my first season at DPOF)

Anyway it has now been confirmed that Baldrick is no longer missing and Henry that great king of Loch Garten has an heir.

See Baldrick
martyc35 04/05/11 06:51 pm That is absolutely fabulous, Tiger. I wish Henry knew it. He always recognized his own:-).
Pamela 04/05/11 06:54 pm Tiger, what a year you are having!!!!
The news is definitely exciting, thanks for posting.

Roy Dennis' book was mentioned which reminds me of the book, LADY OF THE LOCH. Has anyone read it?
Tiger 04/05/11 07:14 pm Yes Baldrick gets mentioned on p27 of "Life of Ospreys".

He was given a hard time by his elder siblings.

LADY OF THE LOCH publishes on Thursday.
Anne-UK1 04/06/11 03:03 am Fantastic news. Where is the nest Tiger?

Pamela, my pre-ordered copy of the Lady of the Loch book arrived on Monday. I've read the section covering last year's drama, but the rest is having to wait a day or two. It makes me smile every time I look at the front cover :)
Tiger 04/06/11 05:38 am Anne. Same place as his mum EJ which you will find on page 22 of "Life of Ospreys" by Roy Dennis.

Shelley 04/06/11 06:19 am Is the book available to the general public or is it a limited publication only through pre-order? How much is it, by the way? Hardcover or paperback?
Tiger 04/06/11 06:30 am Shelly. Look for ISBN 9781904445265 and I am sure you will find copies online. One example Life of Ospreys
Anne-UK1 04/06/11 08:14 am Shelley, available here - Link

I was a little disappointed there weren't more photos and that the four there were weren't great quality, but I'm delighted to have the book as a record. Just waiting for SWT to get the dvd sorted now!
Anne-UK1 04/06/11 08:18 am Tiger - Baldrick is nesting close to EJ? I wonder if they recognise each other.
Tiger 04/06/11 08:37 am No Anne I got that wrong. Baldrick is nesting somewhere in the area where EJ was hatched.
Anne-UK1 04/06/11 08:51 am Thanks Tiger. And I just realised EJ's not his mum. Too much sun and excitement :)
Tiger 04/06/11 09:00 am No EJ is his mum. EJ came to Loch Garten in 2003 but too late to breed. So 2004 was EJ's first breeding season at Loch Garten. Henry arrived early.

There is a still a copy of the diary around. See LG 2004

cathleen 04/06/11 09:01 am Thanks for this news Tiger! This is indeed very exciting news! And what a great name for Henry's heir! Long live Baldrick! :)

(And Anne, I think you got it right the first time, that EJ is his mum!)
Tiger 04/06/11 10:55 am Baldrick is now subject of a blog. Baldrick blog
Melanie 04/06/11 12:45 pm (Giggle) All I can think of is Black Adder. I certainly hope the avian Baldrick maintains his competency longer than his dogsbody counterpart did as the series progressed.
Anne 04/06/11 01:23 pm He has a cunning plan! Fantastic news Tiger!
martyc35 04/06/11 01:30 pm I read the diary, thanks, Tiger, and couldn't help thinking, kind of the Flag of Loch Garten, considering his survival story. But of course, now that we know his story and the dates, Flag should be the Baldrick of the U.S.
Anne 04/06/11 01:41 pm It just goes to show that runts CAN make it. I feel more optimistic about Flag now.
Tiger 04/06/11 02:07 pm Hold it. Latest news. Baldrick has been ousted!
Tiger 04/06/11 02:12 pm See VMG on Twitter
Melanie 04/06/11 02:31 pm So much for having a cunning plan ;-(
Tiger 04/06/11 04:14 pm Oh dear. Baldrick may not be Balders!
DaisyG 04/07/11 05:26 pm I still think it is Baldrick Tiger. Just hope he turns up again soon.

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