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Thread subject: Decorah again
Name Date Message
Shelley 04/06/11 07:22 pm Do you think the third egg will hatch? The first 2 chicks hatched on Saturday and Sunday and I've already witnessed the first pecking the head of the second. The third won't stand a chance, size-wise if it doesn't hatch soon!
FOB Webmaster 04/06/11 08:01 pm When was the expected hatch date? Did they say.
Shelley 04/06/11 08:09 pm All it says under the cam is:
First Egg Laid: 2/23/2011
Estimated Hatch: 4/1/2011

I guess no one is updating info as the hatchings occur.
FOB Webmaster 04/06/11 08:15 pm Tomorrow would be the fifth day after the first hatched. Our third chick hatched five days behind the first this year.
Shelley 04/06/11 09:23 pm Oh, well, that's good to know. Thanks, I'll be watching closely. Saw that spoon handle again tonight as well as 3 fish in the nest, one with a mighty cavity open for business. Good thing those eagles build large nests, to accommodate all the *extras*... ;-)
Tim P 04/07/11 08:57 am Third chick hatched last night. (wed)
Melanie 04/07/11 09:59 am Apparently it got so much of a traffic boost from the recent news blurbs that all the extra traffic brought the site down temporarily.
martyc35 04/07/11 01:14 pm YouTube video of the third egg hatching, HERE. Close to eight minutes long, so plan ahead.
Well, this little tyke will be tough if he/she survives.
Shelley 04/07/11 06:27 pm Hehe, they must have heard me! ;-) I see they've also updated the info!

We watched a feeding this afternoon in my class. They are really adorable. I hope the little one survives. #2 is pretty feisty, himself.
martyc35 04/07/11 08:49 pm I think it'swonderful that you can use the cam for your students. Been meaning to mention that for some time, Shelley. Good on you!
Shelley 04/07/11 09:17 pm Thanks, Marty. You know, there is a book I bought (but haven't read yet, just skimmed) called *Last Child in the Woods - Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder*, by Richard Louv. He won the 2008 Audubon Medal.

I am not *that* old but when we were growing up, kids went outside and mom said, "Come home before it gets dark". In today's world, kids don't know what *outside* is, really. I teach physically and developmentally disabled kids so for many, if not most of them, maybe even moreso than for others, nature really has no real meaning to them. When the weather is good, I try to get them outside as much as possible and I love to use the cams when I can. Thank goodness for this technology. It's a window for all of us.

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