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Thread subject: Such horrible weather at Decorah
Name Date Message
Shelley 04/15/11 08:48 pm I have the sound muted because I can't stand to hear the wind. It's bad enough seeing it. It looks like it's raining as well as terribly windy. Her feathers look wet and at times, vertical! She has been hunkered down all day, protecting those chicks. What a great mother. The male is there now while mom chows down. It's a miracle they aren't blown off the nest altogether. I'm sure she won't let the chicks be uncovered until this blows over (literally).

Shelley 04/16/11 07:23 am OH NO! I just logged on to find the mother eagle and the nest blanketed in SNOW! Oh dear. I hope those chicks can survive! It still looks and sounds windy but not nearly as bad as it did yesterday. I sure hope the weather improves soon!

Shelley 04/16/11 08:25 am I hope that white fluffy blurry thing I am seeing in the bottom right corner of the screen is not a frozen chick. Oh, I wish there was an obs board or somewhere on that sight that we could get updates!
Anne-UK1 04/16/11 08:45 am Both parents on the nest keeping those chicks warm, bless them :) Pic

Shelley, if you click on the "social stream" link above the chat box it connects to people chatting - not the official moderated chat, but maybe some information will feed through. All seems calm at the moment, so I'm guessing the chicks are safe and warm.
Anne-UK1 04/16/11 09:01 am Dad (I think) just stood up to reveal three little chicks all looking fine and dandy. He's left the nest and Mum (I presume) is now settling down on the brood. All looking good Shelley :)
Anne-UK1 04/16/11 09:04 am Pic
Anne-UK1 04/16/11 09:17 am Another screen shot. It's dad brooding again, with mum stood by his side. Is it usual for a male eagle to sit on the young like this - I'd assumed they were the same as ospreys, with just the female sitting once the eggs were hatched - Pic
Shelley 04/16/11 09:18 am Phew! All 3 chicks are safe and warm (I hope). One adult just stood up and all the chicks were accounted for. She left the nest and the other adult settled down on the chicks.

Thanks, Anne, I will check for that. It's odd, sometimes when I open the cam, I stay on the page, and sometimes it opens directly into ustream. It is always the same window with arrow that I get when I first click in but there appears to be no rhyme or reason as to why it opens in different places. When it opens in the Decorah site, I just noticed a blog at the right side. Not much there other than responses and only the initial post seems to have a date. I will seek out the link you mentioned, as I think that would be in the Ustream window. I recognize the phrase *social stream* from watching the hummingbirds in ustream
Anne-UK1 04/16/11 09:30 am Oh good, I'm glad you saw the chicks for yourself Shelley. You can breathe again now :)

Pamela 04/16/11 09:38 am The male was brooding the last time I looked. He is there frequently, but the mother most of the time, Anne. He never looks as comfortable as the female when tending the family.
The weather sounds dismal there through Wednesday with rain expected.
It is rather amazing that Eagles return to their nests so soon in the year. They must be equipped to handle the cold, snow and rain.
martyc35 04/16/11 01:39 pm Don't they often start a brood at Blackwater while it's still snowing? Those chicks are huge compared to these now. What amazes me, and makes me glad my ancestors kept coming west from Iowa, is the 89 degrees two days ago and the snow now. What to think of that, Clyde? Thanks for all the helpful pics, guys.
Melanie 04/16/11 02:21 pm The Bald Eagles in this neck of the woods definitely do get things going early.

I have a photo series from a nest in W. Mass that went through a blizzard, start to finish. When it was all over the only thing you could see was momma's head where it had moved. Then, after nearly 24 hours the snow stopped, she got up, shook the snow off her back and snugged right back in, waiting patiently for a meal to be brought in.
FOB Webmaster 04/16/11 03:01 pm Yes, our eagle parents were incubating their clutch when we had the blizzards last year. Amazingly they somehow kept them safe.
Shelley 04/16/11 04:23 pm Well, I just peeked in now and most of the snow is gone. There seems to be a smallish fish in the centre but the chicks are still under mama. Still sounds and looks pretty windy, though
Shelley 04/16/11 06:42 pm Chicks are being fed now but that wind still sounds ferocious. I believe dinner tonight is rat-atouille. I saw what sure looked like a rat a little while ago, lying across the centre of the nest. The pointy little face was a dead giveaway.

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