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Thread subject: Sanibel Island and Ospreys Everywhere!
Name Date Message
Celeste 04/18/11 01:52 pm Just returned from a visit to our favorite Place Sanibel Island and the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge which is located on Sanibel. We also stopped at the Everglades Nat'l Park. My husband loves to find alligators, (I'm not that excited about the prospect) There are warning signs along many of the paths we walked. The music of osprey is everywhere, in the shopping lots of stores, flying over busy streets, and of course Ding Darling and simply everywhere in Florida. It's like seeing sparrows all day long, except they are OSPREY!!!! While on Sanibel, we went to Captiva a small island a small bridge away from Sanibel. Captiva treated me to a territorial issue by 4 different osprey, flying in every direction, low, high everywhere screeching. Couldn't figure out who was the "King"! And those crows definitely do not give the osprey any peace. They are constantly at their wings, really a nuisance.
It does get confusing trying to figure out who are the native osprey who live in Florida year round, (they are slightly smaller) and the migrating ones. I assumed that the osprey feeding chicks that were quite big were the natives, and I saw many female ospreys still nesting, but hard to know if they were any chicks though one of my shots if you look carefully the female is feeding two young chicks....gee I miss our cam!!

Ding Darling wasn't as busy this time of year as it is in February as many migrants have flown back to their "homes". The white pelicans from Canada and Minn. were still there, and a I saw a Roseate Spoonbill here and there, but learned that the Roseate leave Sanibel for Tampa where they breed. Fish were literally jumping out of the water especially at Ding Darling. The official volunteers who are along the road said that it is believed they jump out of the water to aid their digestion. There was a feeding frenzy with these fish for all the inhabitants of Sanibel and some human fisherman:-).

A Sampling of photos...

martyc35 04/18/11 02:30 pm What a great trip to warm you up for the season, Celeste. Thanks for the wonderful pics, too. A nice trip to get my day going out here in the west.
FOB Webmaster 04/18/11 03:00 pm Love Sanibel and Captiva! Beautiful area.

And I know what you mean about Florida. I just returned from Sebastian -- along the Indian River -- and ospreys were everywhere. Even saw a few big natural nests in trees along the river. The morning we left, there were five ospreys flying over the Best Western. :-)
Nancy L 04/18/11 03:28 pm Thanks, Celeste. Looks like you had a great time. It's possible Jim & I might get down there next year. I sure hope so.
Anne-UK1 04/18/11 05:22 pm I'm with you on the alligators, Celeste. The rest looks fantastic though :)
Lori 04/18/11 06:35 pm Ding Darling is the best. I love the way the osprey are as common as sparrows too. Glad your trip was wonderful. Thanks for the pictures.

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