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Thread subject: Exciting first for me...
Name Date Message
martyc35 04/18/11 10:54 pm Today, a black and white warbler came to my bird bath and drank. I got a goodlook at it, but of course did not have the camera with me, so I can't prove it, but it definitely fits the descriptions online and in my books. It's the only small black and white bird with a white stripe on its head. Sibley says they have been seen on the CA coast fairly often, yet only occasionally, so I'm going to count it as a lifer. Must have been migrating through. Woohoo!
Nancy L 04/19/11 09:43 am Yea for you!!
Melanie 04/19/11 11:19 am Lifers are so exciting. No matter how common a bird is, once I can identify it, whether by sight or song (and I do count ID's by song) it's always a small victory. This week I racked up a Pileated Woodpecker and an Eastern Peewee, both by song. Tomorrow - an Ivory Bill! Hey - I can dream, right?
martyc35 04/19/11 12:56 pm I have wondered what happened to those people who set off into the Arkansas woods a couple of years ago, determined to spot an Ivory Bill. Don't know if they ever came back:-). Those darned Pileateds have eluded me all my life here on the west coast, but I know they are around because others spot them and even get pics. This morning, Mr AND Mrs Red-shafted Northern Flicker came in and checked out the suet but didn't eat any of it. I think they may be mating right now and just couldn't be bothered.
Melanie 04/19/11 01:54 pm Actually I have birded several times and banded brown pelicans with Harry Armistead (bearded fellow with a vague resemblance to Stephen Sondheim), one of the fellows on that trip and met Beth Wright at his house who organized the trip to the Singer Tract. They never came up with any evidence although his observation was that just because they didn't see whatever remaining birds there may be, he is a Believer that the IBWP does exist. He's also joined a search down in FL as well. He is amazing to bird with, a very instructive and generous birder. Neat guy, too. Quotes T.S. Eliot and sings Gilbert & Sullivan randomly while driving his boat, Mud Hen (aka, American Coot) and his license plates read OSPREY. My kinda guy!
martyc35 04/19/11 02:52 pm Depending on which quotes he uses, I could get along with someone who quotes Eliot. I lean more toward "April is the cruelest month" than to "Do I dare to eat a peach," though. Sounds like a nice guy, and you can't beat those license plates.
marty (I have measured out my life with coffee spoons)
Shelley 04/19/11 08:57 pm And such a pretty one too! Great, Marty!

I second what Melanie said about no matter how common a bird is, seeing it and identifying it for the first time is a thrill. A few weeks ago I was visiting friends who live about 2 hours from here, right on a small lake. I saw what at first I thought was a sparrow, then possibly a house finch. Only when they started coming in numbers to her feeders and I pulled out the book did I realize it was a common redpoll. Quite common, really but they were my first(s) and they hung around all week. I was over the moon. They are so sweet.
martyc35 04/20/11 01:13 am oh, that's nice, Shelley. The common redpoll would be a first for me, too.

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