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Thread subject: Osprey Nest on Crane
Name Date Message
FOB Webmaster 04/20/11 02:50 pm Didn't know if anyone had been following this story about an osprey nest on a crane at the Port of Tampa. They removed the eggs, but the one chick that hatched didn't make it.
Melanie 04/20/11 03:03 pm No excuse for that. It's not like the nest dropped on the crane complete with eggs overnight. Book 'em, Dan-o
Shelley 04/20/11 06:47 pm "Salonen had asked the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for permission to move the nest, but the federal agency turned down the request. The osprey is a protected species.

Salonen said he was losing $3,000 to $4,000 a day. Audubon volunteers removed the eggs from the nest April 12 and took them to the center."

Wouldn't Audubon be just as liable as Salonen, for breaking the law? And where were the parents? Had they abandoned the nest? It didn't say, did it?

Sigh...If they don't prosecute and fine them, what kind of precedent will this set?

Melanie 04/20/11 09:36 pm I'm pretty sure the folks from Audubon would have been federally licensed to intervene so while not illegal for them to step in, it turned out to be a poor decision on their part. The fellow I go banding with does things like this all the time (moving chicks around and has even successfully relocated an entire nest with eggs). Good question about the parents - they just don't abandon their nests.

I can only hope that F&S are hot to trot over this since they turned him down and then he went "shopping" until he found someone who would intervene. It puts them in a poor light. But then again, this is Florida where a few years back 4 of our illustrious midshipmen recently graduated from the Naval Academy went out in a small boat with 9 guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition and killed around 30 protected birds - for no other reason but for the joy of killing something. They all got off on technicalities for the state charges but the Feds got 'em - sort of. Six months probation, 150 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine payable to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to pay for bird conservation activities in the area. No mention of any consequences to their Naval careers which should be in the dumper but probably isn't.
Trishrg 04/20/11 09:47 pm Grrrrrrr.....
Leave it up to us humans to eff it up, once again.

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