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Thread subject: Gone But Not Forgotten
Name Date Message
Tiger 04/21/11 02:25 pm I was just thinking of all the people who we used to see regularly but not in recent times.

I remember Walter who always used to say that if Flag could forgive Stripe then he could. Personally I always thought Flag would do anything just to keep the bully away.

There was was the poster who used the name of his dog (or was it cat?)

Do people still look in? Are current posters still in touch with them?

and so on.....everyone must have their own memories.

Gone but not forgotten.
Celeste 04/21/11 03:25 pm Yes I wonder also Tiger. Particularly the posters from the NY area who attended the gatherings at the nest. Though the cam is not around, this forum is still the best place to continue learning not only about osprey but all the other things that are posted regarding nature!:-)
Kelly 04/21/11 03:46 pm I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for DPOF and all the wonderful people posting here, not to mention those special friendships which have been formed ... am eternally grateful! :)))
Matt 04/21/11 04:08 pm I'm still here. I check in from time to time.
Lori 04/21/11 06:41 pm me too but not as religiously, well actually I still read, I just don't post. Hi Matt how's nest life treating you? :)
Trishrg 04/21/11 10:21 pm LOL Tiger. If not for this webcam, I may have never discovered there were actually osprey in California.
Who knew?
This will always be my favorite webcam. I have some I adore now, but nothing will ever compare to the DPOF cam, or obs and message boards.

Where's Mickey?
Tiger 04/22/11 02:01 am I know what you mean Trish. DPOF will always have the magic of doing something original. I am pretty certain that I started lurking here around 31st May 2004

It was so dramatic.

I knew that message board were powerful places as I had already been posting for just over 5 years.

The first mention of this site in my diary is on 2nd June 2004.

I also spent quite some time looking at the American osprey site. It is really very interesting. Mind you the fourth chick passed away last night.

I would echo Kelly in saying that this was the place were special friendships have been forged and spread that friendship far and wide to places well beyond Long Island.

I have never been to Long Island but I feel I somehow know it as I heard about it from my father when I was growing up. My father arrived at Ellis Island 88 years ago tomorrow. I can see him in the passenger list.

If any posters are lurking it would be great if they said hello.

Nancy L 04/22/11 11:36 am Tiger, you should come visit us. So apparently your father decided to go back to England - or was he from Italy!?

I remember Ron who had surgery. That might have been in '05.
martyc35 04/22/11 02:35 pm I didn't find the message board until Flag was struggling to survive in 06. In fact, Lisa rescued me and got me over here from a defunct message board that had filled up with Viagra messages. I was yelling, where is everybody? Somebody must be watching this poor baby starve to death! Well of course somebody was, and it soon seemed like everybody was. I never got the real hang of doing observations, even with Mickey's explicit advice, but I sure liked the message board and all the people on it. Yes, some have gone quiet, but it is still the best chat room I've found, and I don't miss a few others I tried before giving up on them. I have never been to Long Island, either, Tiger, but I have many nice memories of it, anyway. Let's hang on to this board if we can, eh?
RonS 04/22/11 09:32 pm Hi, all...and Nancy, thanks for remembering. My surgery was in 05 so that makes me an official cancer survivor. I have been checking this board during lunch at work, but the CyberCops have made it so that I cannot post. I'll stop lurking n the bushes from time to time to post from home.
Tiger 04/23/11 03:42 am Nancy my father stayed in the USA until 1930 when he was forced to return to Ireland because of the great slump. I always regard myself as a child crash of '29 as without I would have been unlikely to be born. In other words my father would most likely have remained in the USA.

Marty I think everyone remembers the nest of 2006 most vividly. I wonder if Flag is out there somewhere? Certainly gone but will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved him.

Great to see you Ron. I guess an experience like yours gives you a whole new perspective on life. I had surgery (gallstones) for the first time in my life three months ago. A member of this board from the USA sent me best wishes, in the form form of a cuddly osprey, about two weeks before hand. It was deeply touching.

Yes marty this will always be a very special place.
Celeste 04/23/11 05:29 am Ron so glad to hear you are well! You and your wife were at the very first gathering! Glad you said hi! We were all so excited that day. Will never forget it!
Nancy L 04/23/11 01:20 pm Thanks for chiming in, Ron. Please do join the Message Board when you can.
Kathy 04/23/11 04:00 pm I'm still here and check in often...just not posting. Ron nice to see you post again and glad all is well with you.
Anne-UK1 04/23/11 04:33 pm What a great thread. Thanks for posting it Tiger - I often wonder about all the people who we don't hear from nowadays. I hope life's being kind to them.

Yes, the best message board I have ever come across and I suspect the best I ever will. Definitely a very special place :)
Shelley 04/23/11 04:44 pm I miss Cecilia, the *other half* of my Osprey 101 education when I first joined this board! Also, Marie, the western Canadian contingent.

This is indeed, a great thread, Tiger, thanks for it!
Marie 04/23/11 09:06 pm I am here...and will always be so...just been very busy over the past year to post very much at all. I have tried three times to give an update of what has been happening in my life and lost all three, because I have rambled on too long I guess, so will try to keep this short...and post quickly. ;-)
I am so appreciative of the folk that keep this site running and all of you that post out there, as some great friendships have developed and most interesting info has been gleaned from the discussions and links posted.
I especially love the live web cams, ie Blackwater, Decorah, and the Lily bear cam. What a lot of interesting information and hours of useful watching. I have learnt much and am able to pass it on to others.
My year 2010 was a hectic one with my Daughter's wedding last July and what a wonderful w/e event that turned out to be. I specially enjoyed my brother's visit with his wife, from England, for this event as well as the time we shared up island after the wedding.
My son John did his thing again and headed to Mt Everest for 7 weeks during April /May. Major stress for me, being a mother. once again. It created some health issues, for me unfortunately. John's participation in this adventure once again was to be blogger, videographer, photographer and Base Camp manager for a team of 10 participants, all of whom were to trekking into Base Camp over 12 days, with 6 leaving after 36 hrs at BC and the other four to remain with three heading to the top of the world. John was interviewed by a team from National Geographic during the 7 weeks at Base Camp so there should be a documentary programing in the fall about life at Base Camp. The link to the No Guts Know Glory web site will give you much detain of the virtual climb and all the journey in it's entirety for anyone interested. It was a success and neither Rob Hill or my son had to be air lifted off the mountain this time due to ill health or political turmoil as they did in 2008.
I will post this now so as not to lose it once again...
So glad to know you are well Ron. We used to have so much fun 5 yrs ago on this site!
Marie 04/23/11 11:14 pm Continuing 2010
John's web site with a lot of info...

In June of 2010
I was fortunate to be asked to participate in a photographic adventure to Churchill Manitoba for 12 days.. What an interesting place that is. If you want to see birds in their best breeding plumage's and on the Tundra that is one of the best places to visit. If you hate mosquitoes don't go, because one can get bitten alive, however, if you don a good hat with a net attached and vinyl gloves and clothes that cover all other parts one can enjoy the topography, the animals , the birds and the white Beluga whales( I love whales ) that come into the Churchill river at that time of year from the cold and still frozen Hudson Bay. Their numbers increase dramatically by July with 2-3 thousand ready to calve, mate and generally socialise. We saw mothers and calves in June, about 300, and they were very curious traveling right behind the Zodiac that we were in. The river apparently heats up to 70 degrees in July-Aug and one can swim with these gentle whales. That would be fun but the biting black fly are also out at that time so maybe not so much fun after all, although they frequent the muskeg and not the water.! Bad enough with only the mosquitoes. We were also lucky to see one Polar Bear in the distance feasting on a ringed seal way out on an ice floe. Churchill Manitoba is the North American capital for Polar Bears. By Nov and Dec there are many polar bears to be seen in the blowing snow and on the icy landscape. They can be seen right along the shoreline and in the town of Churchill. One takes a ride in a Tundra buggy, a protective, elevated vehicle on huge tires, in the winter to be up close and personal with the bears. A must for me another year to do more photography in the wild. Amazingly, at that high latitude I was thrilled to find two Osprey flying around. They must have been nesting although we couldn't find any, but there are few roads in that area to even be able to search. The trees are stunted in growth due to the harshness of the winters so it would have been awesome to find out what the ospreys were using . I was fascinated to see the tiny Yellow Warbler so abundant in that area last June. They had migrated from distant places, wintering in Mexico through to Peru. One such individual chose a small tree to start a nest. This was in the courtyard of our motel and was right at eye level. I watched her on several occasions collect only items that were white...her entire nest was very white in a green, stunted fir tree and there she would sit testing out and shaping the nest bowl in her bright yellow breeding colours. She had white fluff, white tissue paper and string along with other white items. Now that was a sight worth pondering. Perhaps she was expecting snow, but there was none at the time I was visiting, but maybe she knew something I didn't. There was however, plenty of shore line ice still melting but a white nest in a green tree really fascinated me. Birds are truly amazing.

It seems although I am supposed to be retired, I still keep on working, PT and on a casual basis. That way I have more control over my life and that is precious to me. I can usually find a great deal to do , while enjoying Nature at her best and sometimes at her worse. I continue to immerse myself in pursuits that make me happy, ie being on the water when weather and opportunity provides that escape from land. I continue to be most fascinated with whales of all the marine mammals found here. We have at least 5 species of whale in the waters off Victoria, Minke, Grey and Humpback whales which are the Baleen whales as well as Transient and Resident Killer 'Orca '. I am fortunate to be one of three photographers for the 'Prince of Whales ', whale watching company. This participation not only adds to my photography experience but also creates an opportunity to watch whale behaviours in one of the most picturesque places in North America. How lucky can I be!
When I am not otherwise engaged, I am leading bird field trips, or teaching others about the bird life seen here. Sometimes I am introducing my two granddaughters aged 6 and 8 to the many aspects of Nature. They love to watch the whales too. Not surprising really.
Keeping fit has taken me to dance classes over the past five yrs. The Middle Eastern dance has always held a fascination for me, so the weekly work out and the three performances a year give me plenty of chance to stretch my aging muscles and joints. Life is never dull I must confess! When I want to escape I head up Island to a Nature reserve set on a quiet bay. I will do just that very soon for a few days with a friend.
And so Spring has arrived , although it has been a very wet and cold one for us on the west coast so far. Longer days and warmer temps are definitely on their way so my desire to be out in the sunshine has become a real need.
Finally yesterday I went up to the University to see if any Ospreys had returned. Sure enough the male was sitting all alone, silently gazing off into the distance. He looked very lonely and he wasn't even on the nest pole but another light pole overlooking the playing field. I waited for 30 mins while he just looked in every direction even high above him. I felt rather forlorn watching him, as I had this feeling his lady love had not arrived yet, or even worse, she hadn't made it back alive. A few new sticks at the nest indicated he had been busy since his arrival.I must return over the next day or two and hopefully find a female. All the migrating birds appear to be so late due to the cold weather we have had this month. I have hardly seen a Swallow. They usually herald the warmer weather...on that note, hopefully I will see more soon!

Wishing you all a happy Spring and Summer with lots of wonderful encounters with Nature.
Tiger 04/24/11 01:27 am Oh such lovely comments. Nice to see you again Kathy.

AnneUK This seems to have been a wonderful voyage of discovery for you. A sort of home from home. This place has been the vehicle which seems to have helped many people discover forums.

Yes we have not seen Cecilia for a long time although I feel sure she still is around. Remember how she got quoted on the Rutland website some years ago....I would have to check exactly when.

Ah Marie one of the DPOF posters who I have actually met and the only one from the other side of the Atlantic (and all of Canada too).

Everest played a big part in me beginning to post on forums. When George Mallory's body was found on Everest on 1st May 1999 it set off enormous excitement. I read an article about it in the Sunday Times on 9th May 1999 and they gave a link to Mountainzone. It was the days of dialup which was slow but I began to lurk at this most exciting of forums.

Then on 24th May 1999 I finally screwed up the courage to make a post. I can still feel my heart beating. I got a very positive response and as they say the rest is history. It was hello to some large telephone bills too as I was paying by the minute. Still it was worth it.
Celeste 04/24/11 04:37 am Love this thread Tiger, and I hope it continues for a while, and more and more past participants see it and post. This is a holiday weekend, so perhaps during the course of the week we will hear from more former participants!

It took a great deal of courage for me also to post on my first forum, (this one), way back in 2003, and the rest is history!
I will always be grateful for all the gifts of friendship this site has given me!
DaisyG 04/24/11 05:52 am Hi everyone and Happy Easter!

I started watching the cam in the summer of 2005 and was thrilled to be able to watch Brook fledge. My first ever Osprey fledge and it was so exciting!
Then the following year of course there was wonderful little Flag. He really was something else.

Yes, wonderful friendships forged on here. A very special site indeed.

Thank you all!
terryo 04/24/11 08:36 am Hi all, I too came aboard during the reign of Flag the Fighter, a mini life and death soap opera if there ever was one. For some reason I can still remember his food solicitation call and his feistyness. I'm still going to kayak on the Carmans with my camera very shortly, been unlucky with the wind/wet weather this time of year. Hope to see Betty sitting pretty. I'm sure Tim is anxiously awaiting N.F. Bob's return, I imagine he's already staked out his nest and can give us a report soon if Rob B. gets caught up with his tracking duties. Happy Easter gang.
Cecilia 04/24/11 09:40 am Greetings and Happy Easter & Passover to everyone! Celeste was kind enough to send me this thread and I'm sitting here smiling from ear to ear reading what you have all written...seeing names that go back to the beginning of the board. I still miss the cam and this special group of people! We were very lucky to have bonded around Betty & Dennis (sorry Tim :-)

So good to see that you're doing well Ron! And Marie, you're busier than ever! Shelley, Anne UK1, Kelly, Matt (our inside the nest man), Nancy L, Lori, Trishrg, DaisyG, Kathy, Martyc35,, good to know you're all still staying in touch!

Who would have ever believed that a cam could bring together so many people and that many of us would actually become good friends in "real" life!

The picnics were such special events and Celeste and I always felt sad that everyone couldn't come to LI. Then Melanie brought a dozen of us (over 4 years?) into the world of Osprey banding so we got to have amazing experiences with the chicks followed by wonderful dinners at Canners :-) The two times I got to participate rank up there on my top ten list of special life events! And I know that there were other meetings of the group in California and unique for a bunch of people, who weren't teenagers and super savvy with the computer world, to brave meeting people through a chat room! :-)

Seeing your names reminds me of many of the people who haven't "popped" in yet...Karen, Mickey, Tim, Pam, Cathy, Rich, Grace, Ann, Pam1, Madeline, Lisa, cathleen, Terryo, Vicki...I'm sure I'm leaving someone out...but what a great group of people you all were to "work" with...keeping an eye on the nest and posting Obs that may one day be used to rewrite the book on Osprey behavior! I hope everyone is doing well and still birdwatching one way or another!

Thanks for starting this thread Tiger! You always were great about thinking up topics to bring us into the dialog!

I hope more folks come back and say hello! Gone but not forgotten...that's the truth!!!

Cheers, Cec
Nancy L 04/24/11 10:17 am Great to here from Matt, Ron, Kathy, Marie & Cecilia - whom I met out in East Hampton when David Gessner gave a talk. I hope we hear from more old friends.
cathleen 04/24/11 03:26 pm A very thoughtful thread, Tiger, and timely. So wonderful to see everyone respond and know we are still joined by not only still watching/loving osprey but also by still reading this board!
Pam 04/24/11 04:53 pm So nice to see all these contributions. When I first posted on this board I was very nervous. There were those two names which were always there, always so knowing about Ospreys, Celeste and Cecilia. I was very much in awe of those two ladies. However, I was soon to feel very much at home with this message board and so it remains. It is still one of the first tabs I open on my computer. I think the way it has been run with two distinct messaging sections is ideal. The one kept purely for observations and the other for general comments, advice, links and the sharing of the pleasure we take in the watching of wildlife, is ideal. I tried to get something similar going on the Minnesota loon website but it never really worked liked this one although it did eventually seem to be appreciated when folk got the hang of it. We had no Mickey to keep us in order ! It would be interesting to know which was the very first Osprey webcam on the internet. I feel sure Tiger will have the answer to that one and maybe it is this site.
Shelley 04/24/11 06:47 pm I think this must have been the first, or one of the first, with live streaming video. I was watching the eagles at Kent, Washington before discovering this one but that wasn't streaming video, just stills that refreshed every minute or so. The ability to watch a nest *live*, in real time, and with such good quality video, was certainly groundbreaking. I do hope the observations we noted and discussed and pondered over, over the years, will one day become the basis for a new understanding of osprey behaviour.
Tiger 04/24/11 07:21 pm I think that the first two streaming webcams were this one and Storchennest stork cam in Germany.

There were still ones before that. The magic of this site was that it combined a streaming webcam with sound and a forum.

Back in 1995 there was a programme called "Bird in the nest" in Britain. They did have cams trained on nests and the television programme tuned in a few times a day. Obviously not anything like a webcam but you can see the direction they were going in.

I wonder if one of the TV channels could be dedicated to a nest?
Shelley 04/24/11 08:57 pm I don't see why not. They have dedicated tv channels for just about everything else under the sun. (and I don't mean that in a good way! ;-)
Pam 04/25/11 04:40 am Wildearth TV does cover lots of bird nests etc. in USA, including the Minnesota loon nest (coverage began yesterday) and I know that school classes tune in to watch daily. The only drawback is the inevitable advertisements.
Cecilia 04/25/11 10:29 am I must have been channeling you Pam...because now I see that you hadn't posted when I mentioned "seeing your name" :-) How's the painting going?

Celeste and I always joked about being the "nest mothers" since we had joined the board in the very beginning and started the almost annual "Osprey 101" classes (Celeste, being the fastest typist you can imagine, was always so good about remembering to help new people get up to speed every year!). I was so excited when I found a copy of Poole's book, on an English used book site, and we were able to start quoting from the best known Osprey expert.

When we first started talking about the picnic (and got permission from Betty, Dave & Tom) we were so afraid no one would come. We brought wine and cheese, tablecloths and flowers and then waited and worried :-) But the cars started rolling in and we had that first group of about 20 touring the barn and fields, photographing the nest and each other and it all turned out better than we had dared to hope. Was Gessner at that first gathering too? The picnics are mixed up in my head now and it seems like everyone who ever came was at every one (although I do remember that Ron was only at the first one and we never got to meet Kathy "Osprey":-)

The rest is history as they say. The group grew and grew, some folks just disappeared and some stayed for the long haul. Remember Tay? He was with us for one season (and maybe not even the whole season) and we never heard from him again. And then there were a few real doozies who dropped in to make odd comments and then, thankfully, moved on :-)

I get a lot more work done now without the cam calling me over to my computer a dozen times a day but I still miss hearing those calls and chirps in the background...and every now and then hearing those wild alarm calls and having to drop what ever I was doing to go see what was happening. One day I was in the middle of an important conference with a client and I had the sound off but I could see the nest was being attacked and I just couldn't stand trying to listen to him! I had to make up some excuse and get off the phone so I could concentrate on the battle :-) Not very productive but so much fun!

Work is still calling so I better answer the Monday morning crisis crowd :-)

Cheers, Cec
martyc35 04/25/11 03:56 pm Oh, Cecilia, you have me laughing out loud over all those great memories. My family thought I had gone nuts when I discovered the DPOF site. One of those weirdos (trolls, we call them on other lists) was actually fightened away by my posting a long and boring recipe in answer to his post. Never heard from him again!
Lyn 04/25/11 10:21 pm Hi from Long Island. I have been looking in trying to keep current by reading and haven't posted here much either. Like so many others, I feel a special bond with this board, as it not only introduced me to Osprey's, but taught me about the Osprey and how to do some posting and observations.

I never got together with the member here, but never the less feel a kindred spirit with members of this wonderful board.

Once again my thanks to everyone for making this one of the nicest boards around, especially for helping me learn about the wonderful Ospreys around us.
cathy 04/25/11 11:37 pm I saw my first osprey over Puget Sound today!! I thought I'd post it here, since few people would understand its significance as you would. I'm not looking out my window as much as in the past. In fact, I can't live in my home because it all torn up and being remodeled. I want to live there for the rest of my life and watch ospreys and eagles. Thanks to you for teaching me so much, for publishing photos of ospreys and your lives, for being a great group of people in my life. Sometimes I would escape to DPOF from the reality in front of me, because I could fantasize that here are my peers in animal cam escapism. I have become so much more aware of wildlife because of this community, particularly birds, and notably ospreys. I have been exposed to writers, movies, TV, photographers, osprey sagas in England and Europe - such fun and pleasure. This year I have spent lots of time volunteering for People for Puget Sound - trying to keep this inland sea healthy for all, including ospreys. I loved your long and detailed update, Marie!! Reminded me of the detailed descriptions of your eagle and osprey stakeouts of the past. I have met several of you and had the excitement of visiting THE NEST with Cec, Celeste and Mickey. Visited Blackwater with Melanie. Lucky me. Even watched the nest from China. The site is simple and well designed. My first real social network. How social networks should be.
Tiger 04/26/11 04:38 am Lovely to see you again Cecilia. Strangely I came across Tay the other day when I was looking back over some old posts.

Then there was Sir Lance. Back in 2006 there was "Far" who seemed to be the representative for another group of watchers.

Then there was Barbara and Lori from Tampa and DaveS. Of course. Vicki in S. Ca.

Also someone from Hawaii whose username I forget.

There was also Adelaide. She only ever posted once but was well known to me from other board.

Two from the UK which we have not met. DarrenH and Sarah Brown.
Celeste 04/26/11 06:24 am I continue to love, love this thread. It's a wonderful walk down memory lane and brings back so many wonderful memories. Meeting in person online and in person has enriched my life and continues to do to this day!

Right now because of the upcoming summer, July 4th 2003 comes to mind. Mickey, Kathy "o", myself found ourselves the only ones watching the cam. Tim I know hates this, but on that day we decided to name the two chicks Liberty & Freedom. We were thrilled when Newsday did an article on the cam and nest, and referred to the 2 chicks by the names we had given them!

Back in 2003, none of us could have predicted all the wonderful things we would learn about our beloved osprey and wildlife in general, David Gessner and his book and mentioning this nest, the attention of Allan Poole,
Roy Dennis of the UK, osprey banding introduced by Melanie, and the list goes on and on. Tim's beautiful photographs of the nest, Terryo's accounts from his canoe, etc., etc. I do believe we all contributed to making what this site was originally intended to be a "tribute" to Dennis Puleston and continue to do so to this day. I remember at the first gathering, Betty Puleston remarking how happy he would be to see all of this. As always, thank you thank to all who made this site possible !

Shelley 04/26/11 06:36 am Oh, I adored Sir Lance and Peggy's videos!!! Such terrific contributions (and memories) to this cam and group. I miss those!
Kathy 04/26/11 11:10 am This thread has taken on a life of its brought so many of us together again and many good memories that I will never forget! I miss the cam and watching "Our Ospreys!!" Kathy "O" :-))
Matt 05/25/11 05:10 pm Lori, not bad, I don't get out to watch many of the nests anymore.

Wish they'd bring this camera back. It helped when I couldn't get out there.

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