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Thread subject: Carmans River Trip This Morning
Name Date Message
terryo 04/30/11 10:56 am The weather man promised me it would be sunny today - lier lier, kayak on fire! I froze my hiney off for the one hour I paddled. Water very choppy and overcast. My hands were turning reddish-purple after 1/2 hour. Guess I shouldn't have worn my shorts/sleeveless shirt. Never said I was smart. I didn't write a description for each pix as they're pretty self-explanatory. When I was at the DPOF site after kayaking, I could detect Betty's head in the nest, that's about all. As I was leaving the DPOF nest one of the NWR employees showed me a dirt mound that is actually a fox den. She said the 3 kits will come out to play during the daytime. I watched the den for about 1/2 hour but I guess they were snoozing. Didn't see mom or dad about. They will hunt/forage in daylight when many mouths to feed otherwise a nightime critter. The den is located in the same meadow/field as the DPOF nest about 100 yards east of the DPOF nest.The one osprey I got a shot of was right at the dock where I launch from. I've never seen one hang out there and wasn't expecting to see any. I then realized it was probably fishing at the dam and fish ladder which are about 75-100 yards from the tree where it was perched on. See pictures below:


Nancy L 04/30/11 11:23 am Thanks for the pix, Terry. I also, woke up this morning & commented that I thought it was supposed to be a sunny day. What do those weathermen know??!! But you went out anyway. Well, thanks. Maybe we'll get a warm day soon.
martyc35 04/30/11 01:31 pm Thanks, Terry. I don't envy you that cold trip. It's 10:30 my time, and yet it is only 47 F outdoors. The sun is out, but that doesn't make it warm. So you know what kind of fox you have there? We have mostly red foxes out here.
Shelley 04/30/11 02:36 pm Yea, those weathermen are the only ones I know who can screw up with regularity and still get to keep their jobs.

For what it's worth, it is brilliantly sunny and warm-ish up here in Toronto today. The ick factor will arrive tomorrow, they say...
Pam 04/30/11 03:09 pm Thanks for sharing your pics Terry. Often very difficult to get near enough Ospreys for decent shots without a supersize lens as I found out at Rutland Water. Swans are more accessible as I also found out :-)) At least you saw Betty. Come visit our garden to see foxes....regular every evening at about 6.30pm. We have one very mangy one visiting at present - missing half its fur.
terryo 04/30/11 04:28 pm Marty we also have red foxes in Wertheim and today was the first den I've actually seen. Pam mentioned one very mangy fox missing half its fur. Besides other diseases a fox can catch, the mite is the most important cause of mange in red fox. It causes extreme hair loss starting with the tail, back etc and eventually leads to total loss of fur, and eventually death.
Anne-UK1 04/30/11 05:00 pm Thanks Terry. I hope you've thawed out now!
martyc35 04/30/11 05:23 pm Yes, they can get sick here, too. When I lived in Santa Rosa, we had to have the animal control people come out to fetch one that had been sitting on our deck. Poor thing was very ill. I think it had distemper, not rabies, though. They stay out of sight when they are well, so that is the only one I saw there.
Celeste 05/01/11 02:24 pm As always Terryo, thank you!
DaisyG 05/01/11 03:26 pm Thanks Terry. Sorry you froze to get these but thank you for doing it.
Glad you got to see Betty for your troubles and lovely to see the nest again.
cathy 05/02/11 02:51 pm I miss that nest and Betty and Dennis! Thanks for the photos and the personal sacrifice.
Marie 05/11/11 01:03 pm I certainly miss that nest too...\
Thanks Terry for the pics and the update...
What is happening to the property?
Is it being sold, or is it sitting vacant for now that the real Betty has passed.?

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