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Thread subject: The Great Dennis Crisis of 2007
Name Date Message
Tiger 05/09/11 03:05 am I guess many of you will remember the great Dennis goes AWOL of 2007?

When he finally turned up there was much celebration. See Dennis goes AWOL 2007

I have been thinking of this as I been looking for another incident from a similar time.
Celeste 05/09/11 08:49 am It was definitely a scary time and I for one was worried about the "what if's". He was not seen for at least a couple of days, which was very unusual. However, Tim pointed out that he was around and about the nest, and that was a reminder to many of us that the cam didn't tell all!:-)
Tiger 05/09/11 11:54 am Yes it was certainly one of the more tense periods of our cam watching.

When Dennis finally turned up with a fish I tried to engender some sympathy for the fish but there was none of that!
martyc35 05/09/11 01:27 pm I think 2007 was also the year of the "fish overboard" incident, when Betty accidentally kicked the fish off the side of the nest while feeding the chicks and it stuck part way down rather than going all the way to the ground. Then, it was a tense (and hilarious) time while Dennis located the fish and spent quite a time partially upside down trying to retrieve it. I think he finally had to give up and go out fishing again. I had a whole series of stills capturing that sequence, but I think someone got it on video.
Yes, Tiger, the AWOL incident was definitely frightening.
cathy 05/11/11 11:22 am Everyone seemed to conclude he was dead. I am always amazed at the persistence of life in spite of our worries, which makes it even more amazing that environmental changes have been great enough to wipe out whole species. Ospreys persisted in laying eggs through the DDT disaster, and because of their longevity, they outlived it thanks to the just in time ban.
Marie 05/11/11 12:08 pm That was such a tense time ...wasn't he gone for many days...and Betty had to deal with attacks on her own. Some of us thought he was a gonna for good ?
Oh yes, I remember we had some great discussions over the years concerning Dennis and Betty, the chicks and the nest activities. It gave great purpose to my daily activities over those years. Wonder if it is the same Betty and Dennis now. Wonder if some of their offspring have survived those amazing migrations and have returned to their natal nest only to have the resident adults tell them where to go... ;-)
Oh I wish we could see it all again.
martyc35 05/11/11 12:51 pm Remember how carefully we were logging all their individual differences, head markings, and so forth? I'll bet if we saw any of those family members now, we wouldn't be able to tell which was which. Kept us busy, though, didn't it?
Mickey 05/11/11 01:02 pm this was in my log. Tim was also instrumental in giving is onsite info;
Betty brooded from 4/26 thru 4/29 12:45ish pm. During this period Dennis was not seen on the nest. Betty was under heavy duty attacks from 1-4 Ospreys from 4/26-4/29. On 4/28 Dennis was seen chasing away Ospreys by Tim who was on sight. As far as we can tell Betty last ate the evening of 4/23 or the morning of 4/24. Her next meal after that was late afternoon of 4/29.
Beginning 5/18 sunrise the attacks from intruders began. Betty was actually knocked out of the nest several times and has maybe brooded a total of 20 minutes all day.(6:27pm) The attacks contined well past sunset.On 5/19 Betty was found on the eggs at dawn. Betty brooding all 3 eggs much more then 5/18. As 5/19 continued less and less attacks occurred so that on 5/20 everything was back to normal.
Marie 05/11/11 01:07 pm Thanks Mickey...good to recall all those details with your input.
martyc35 05/11/11 02:09 pm Thanks, Mickey. You and Tiger always were the best record keepers. That was a truly frightening episode.
Melanie 05/11/11 04:57 pm About time you turned up Mickey

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