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Thread subject: News that pleases me...
Name Date Message
martyc35 05/13/11 05:59 pm Just found out that my lovely granddaughter, Kate, will be banding birds for the Forest Service this summer. She's running around, getting certified and procuring the right kind of driver's license to drive a gov vehicle. My, they grow up so quickly.
Celeste 05/13/11 06:53 pm That's sweet news marty! You must be very proud!
Shelley 05/13/11 07:18 pm Fabulous! Obviously, she inherited the love-of-nature gene from you!
cathleen 05/13/11 07:52 pm Great news, Marty. I am sure this will provide countless hours of vicarious thrills for you! (It would for me!)
Marie 05/14/11 01:41 am Great news Marty...grandchildren do grow up fast... can't believe mine are 8 and 6 already, and they can tell which bird call is what, these days.( well at least a dozen calls ) Guess who taught them ;-)
Celeste 05/14/11 05:40 am Marie your grandchildren are very lucky to have YOU!!!!
Frank and I are always saying, "if only Marie was here":-)
martyc35 05/14/11 02:15 pm Thanks all, I will be happy to see Kate doing the kinds of things her family has always enjoyed. I was thrilled when she switched her major to Botany, for I knew nothing but good could come from it. Marie, isn't it wonderful how children learn so quickly? When my daughters were hardly past the toddler stage, they could name every shell and starfish we picked up on the beach. They kept those collections for years. One of my prize mementos from their childhood was a book my younger daughter made called The Aminal Book. Although she couldn't spell Animal yet, she nonetheless had a page on Lepidoptery, and she got that right! Right now, she is doing organic gardening in her back yard, feeding all the birds, and housesitting her son's giant Monitor lizard until he moves. Yes, it runs in the family.
Melanie 05/14/11 09:40 pm Is this a granddaughter in Bowie?
martyc35 05/14/11 09:51 pm No, she is the daughter of my daughter Bonnie in Bowie (her dad is not Bonnie's current husband). Kate is here, in Arcata, at Humboldt State U. We are just across the bay from each other. She will be coming over for dinner next week. The daughter I was talking about above is in Santa Rosa and has two kids, grown now. My grandson Martin is the one with the monitor lizard. His older sister, Robin, is my third grandchild. You can tell my younger daughter named her kids for birds:-).
Kate is named for Katharine Hepburn.
Marie 05/15/11 09:42 am Marty you should be very proud of your daughters and grand daughter. To have them grow up appreciating the Natural world instead of all these electronic gadgets is a reflection on what is truly important and a reflection of your values. I just shake my head when viewing young people these days with little conversation among a group and their heads down either surfing some app or texting or stuck to their cell/mobile. It isn't a healthy life style in my opinion, and we shall see the body and brains response to all this information overload in the not too distant future. I certainly subscribe to the theory of ' cause and effect '
Celeste 05/15/11 02:14 pm I want to know how they can walk fast and look down and text never lifting their head to see if they are going to walk into somebody or even trip for that matter, oh and cross the street without looking! Forget about texting and's dangerous out there!

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