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Thread subject: A good idea?
Name Date Message
Pam 05/14/11 01:15 pm I was just looking at the Ferris State Uni. cam again
I really only just noticed the little "fence" around the platform. I don't remember seeing this type of platform construction anywhere else and it seems to me a good idea in that it prevents slippage of the sides of the nest. On the other hand, we have noticed that at the end of the breeding season the nests often seem to get flattened out i.e. with very little bowl shape. Do you think this type of platform is a good idea or not?
martyc35 05/14/11 02:25 pm Well, I browsed around their site, and the one thing I couldn't find out was the history of success at that nest. I guess it could be chancy if they don't know whether it will work, but I am going to guess that this is not their first year and they feel confident about the structure. When one looks at the other views of the nest, it seems that the birds build it up past the height of the "rails". If they didn't do that, it could definitely be a problem. I haven't watched this nest before. Did they have successful fledgings last year?
Mickey 05/14/11 07:23 pm Ok so I read the 2 posts here and thought lets take a look see :) I confess my first thought wasnt about slippage :) It was for lightening strikes. The present nest looks like its already built up to fence height. But IMO, even if it wasnt,I dont think it would hinder fledging. Think about all the semi lift offs, jumping pre fledges there are before actually leaving. I can only hope its a plastic fence :) ps. click on "what am I looking at" on the left of that page. Maybe the fence was put up to stop sticks from falling down into the parking lot? pss. if thats the case it doesnt look like its working LoL.
Celeste 05/14/11 07:40 pm Exactly what I thought Mickey. My first thought was a chick inadvertently landing the wrong way on those "spokes"..(if they are metal and not plastic) :)))
People who are not into nature and/or osprey complain about the mess osprey make from their nests. I've read that neighbors of someone who has a platform nest can get pretty cranky. I tend to agree with Mickey, it's more for the community and not the osprey.

Melanie 05/14/11 09:38 pm Ah, but there is a nest down here that I call the "Yellow Picket Fence" nest - built on top of a utility pole in the front yard of a parsonage where they shorted out the power to the house several times. Finally Baltimore Gas & Electric came out and built them a platform and ringed it with yellow PVC pipes to help retain the nest materials. The pipes protrude quite a bit above the nest and they have managed to fledge two chicks a year from it.
martyc35 05/14/11 09:40 pm Now I have taken a look at their chat board, and it seems they had 3 eggs and two that were viable last year, two chicks successfully fledged. I still couldn't tell if this is the first year for this nest construction, although someone mentioned them using a lot of last year's sticks, so perhaps the successful nest was on this design. They have three eggs there now. Fingers crossed.
Pam 05/15/11 12:06 pm Mickey !! :-))
SamiS 05/19/11 04:53 pm I believe the the first year was in 2009.
-2 eggs
-1 fledged
-3eggs (1 unhatched)
-2 fledged

According to Dr. P Klatt, "the welded rim has not been a problem in the past and we do not expect any problems with respect to the young. It is designed from a modified recommendation from published works"

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