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Thread subject: I despair !!!
Name Date Message
Pam 05/18/11 01:35 pm Osprey feared shot dead at Rutland Water
Melanie 05/18/11 02:02 pm I saw that on Facebook. It's more than enough to make you sick to your stomach.
martyc35 05/18/11 02:51 pm I have no words. Just a hope that he turns up.
cathy 05/18/11 04:41 pm Unbelievable! I'm glad its considered a criminal act and that the authorities are taking it seriously. Roy Dennis had to work so hard to prevent irresponsible people from harming ospreys and their eggs in the early days of re-introduction.
Tiger 05/18/11 04:45 pm It does seem like some individual. There have been five ospreys shot in the last year.
Anne-UK1 05/18/11 05:35 pm This is just terrible. I really don't understand people! We can only hope that the person or persons responsible are found and dealt with very very soon.

Poor 08 and poor 5N and her chicks. I hope at least the little ones can be fostered in another nest - to lose them as well would be heartbreaking.
Tiger 05/18/11 05:53 pm Interestingly 9 (98) was willing to help out the female in site B nest. Will he now be interested in helping out 5N?
Celeste 05/18/11 09:31 pm I couldn't even finish the article, it's just to sad and definitely a "pit in my stomach".
Marie 05/19/11 01:43 pm I can't imagine this still happens in England...!!!
How tragic if indeed this has happened. Sounds like they need to do some serious investigation even if it turns out to be the Lord of the Manor with his ornamental pond and expensive Koi. Justice is due and quickly too.
People !! or shall we say ''SOME PEOPLE ''. Give me birds and animals anyday. !
Tiger 05/19/11 02:50 pm Marie you almost certainly saw this osprey at one time or another.
DaisyG 05/19/11 07:20 pm Yes this sort of thing is a real sickener isn't it?

Good point re 9(98) and 5N Tiger.

I have photos of 08(97) and 5N when they nested at Manton Bay. A great thrill at the time to know that 08 had found a reliable mate at last.
Tiger 05/19/11 07:52 pm Wasn't it Friday 27th July 2007? The second click had just fledged before we arrived.
DaisyG 05/20/11 03:13 am Indeed it was Tiger.

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