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Thread subject: Some good news to counter the bad news yesterday
Name Date Message
Shelley 05/20/11 07:13 am I just heard this on the radio news but can't find a link online. Maybe Marie can check in with a link. Apparently, one of the eaglets at Hancock, fell out and got tangled in fishing wire. He has been there for some time but a group of people managed to get a team together and they have saved it. They were able to replace it in the nest and apparently, the reunion between mama and baby was viewed on the cam. I wish I had seen it.

Marie, can you link to it? I don't have the cam site link anymore
Tiger 05/20/11 07:30 am This it? See Eaglet rescue

Cams at Hancock eagle cams
Tiger 05/20/11 07:37 am Thread about rescue on Hancock. See Eaglet rescue
Marie 05/20/11 09:47 am That is the story and link Shelley...a good outcome for the eaglet, but they didnt mention removing the offending fishing line or what ever, that had tangled the youngster in the first place.I hope they did as we will have another or much the same problem. ;-)
Lyn 05/20/11 09:29 pm Just sat here and watched with a grin from ear to ear! :-)) So great to see a postive outcome when bird meets man.
Celeste 05/20/11 09:49 pm Good story, but echoing Marie again, hoped they removed the fishing line and hopefully anyone who hears that story will remember to be careful about discarded fishing line. Drives me crazy when I see line just thrown on a pier, etc.
Pam 05/21/11 04:39 am I watched it all live, the TV angle on the crane, and also the two nests. It was amazing to sit here and watch the reaction of the chicks in the nest, quite comical really - the looks on their faces as one of them was removed and then replaced. They did remove the offending material, dressed the chick with antiseptic and also cleaned the webcam at the same time. It was a pretty delicate operation to get the crane into exactly the right place amongst the tops of the trees and there was always the risk if they got it wrong they could knock the nest. Absolutely gripping internet coverage.
Celeste 05/22/11 02:59 pm You were lucky Pam, and I also want to add Brave!:-)
Anne-UK1 05/24/11 06:06 pm Another great story. And another youngster lucky to be covered by a webcam.

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