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Thread subject: Mac and Webcams
Name Date Message
Tiger 05/22/11 09:17 am I know that a number of you use Macs to watch webcams. Are any of you watching the Loch Garten cam on a Mac? it is just an American is asking.
cathy 05/22/11 10:24 am I haven't looked at it this year so I went HERE : and then clicked "Launch the viewer". (Prior to that, I downloaded and installed "Flip for Mac" which allows the Quicktime Player to sub for Windows Media Player , although I already have it installed - however, I still saw some text on the page that warned me it needed to be upgraded. If you are on this page: HERE , click "popup webcam viewer"). I see the live soundless cam stream labeled "Abernathy" in the pop-up window. I understand that the Loch Garten nest is at Abernathy.

Its somewhat convoluted, but it can be launched!
cathy 05/22/11 11:22 am I notice there is a sweet osprey chick being fed right now.
martyc35 05/22/11 12:18 pm I can get the CAM with live still images, but not the live video cam. My Mac is pretty new, Flip4Mac is up to date, no downloads needed. I will mess with what cathy is doing and see if I can get the streaming as well.
martyc35 05/22/11 12:25 pm OK, when I go to the Webcam Viewer and launch it, I am given a window that lets me choose two cam positions in blue boxes at the bottom. #2 is the live video streaming cam. I have it up and running as a small screen on my desktop right now. Yes, I agree it is convoluted, but once in, no prob. She must be sitting on the chick, as I can't see it right now.
Celeste 05/22/11 02:21 pm I'm able to watch the Loch of Lowes one on a Mac book and I Mac. The Loch Garten cam I have problems with on the I Mac which is newer than the Macbook. I use Flip 4 Mac also. When I google Loch of Lowes I don't get the screen you got Cathy, which Marty mentions, but I did use your link and that worked also for me.
Tiger 05/22/11 03:12 pm Thank you for all the feedback so far. I will see what the user makes of it. I think that what you have reported will be very helpful.
Melanie 05/23/11 04:55 pm It takes a few seconds to load in and the sound (or should I say the wind) just came on about 20 seconds later and I'm on a pretty horsed-up iMac. Installing Flip4Mac is definately the way to get this.
cathleen 05/23/11 11:02 pm Using Quicktime Player via Flip4Mac on a MacBook Pro laptop running OS 10.5.8, I use this URL:


and get continuous streaming video at 172.5 kbits/sec through Apple Airport Xtreme wireless on my Time Warner Roadrunner cable connection.
Tiger 05/26/11 01:26 am Thank you everyone. I am still unclear as to whether the information helped or not. Thanks for all your efforts.
Melanie 05/27/11 10:09 am Unless they are a neophyte Mac user it should be pretty basic - we deal with this stuff all the time.

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