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Thread subject: Dennis and Betty
Name Date Message
Pam 05/27/11 08:01 am I have been thinking about our succession of Dennis's and Betty's this morning and also the way we all keep using this website. I am wondering if anyone has been near the nest recently and has any news, Tim, Mickey, Terryo?
I am currently watching both the Minnesota and BRI looncams and of course, you know me, Race Rocks (I am still taking pics but they are going into an album for the year so I have to be very selective). There are so many eagle and osprey cams now it is quite hard to keep up but I do miss this particular one most of all. I was just pondering whether Dennis Puleston would now approve of taking on advertising to keep a camera on the nest. Everything has to change and it seems that even the most idealistic webcams have reverted to advertising unless they are privately funded.
I wonder if there are three little stripey chicks in the nest DP right now?
Melanie 05/27/11 10:07 am DPOF no longer has any authority over the nest or the possibility of a webcam. The land (and therefore the nest) was deeded over to Wertheim NWF upon Betty's passing and they have no interest in dealing with a webcam.
Pam 05/27/11 10:28 am I know Mel....what I meant was Dennis, the man himself, what would his opinions be on allowing advertising in order to give folk the opportunity of viewing the nest. I know he was a man of very high principles but in view of the way things have changed since he was with us, would he have gone with the flow and allowed advertising. I realise there is not much possibility under the present circumstances.
Marie 05/27/11 12:19 pm I believe the advertising helps with the cost of running these cameras, and it is very expensive depending on quality, plus audio, especially if donations aren't forth coming. I would imagine Dennis P would have had to resort to ads as costs rise. I find them annoying but what can one do. I so enjoying the video feed of many cams.
Celeste 05/27/11 08:42 pm I agree with Marie, Dennis was passionate about "spreading the word" about osprey and their importance to our environment, and I do believe he would consent to what is going on today with webcams. I just wish Wertheim would "see the light" and think about getting funding for a webcam. The ripple effect would be a positive one for Wertheim. I for one and I know many others that live here on the Island, had no idea Wertheim existed before this cam, particularly those of us who live in Nassau County vs Suffolk where this Preserve is located.
Tim P 06/02/11 06:50 am Jen & pete were at my barn yesterday. She didnt think that chicks have hatched yet on the dpof nest.

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