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Thread subject: Annapolis area census
Name Date Message
Melanie 06/02/11 06:53 pm Now that with the exception of late starters most of the eggs should have hatched it appears we are are having a nice little osprey boom this year. This is great considering the last two years have been kind of down years (cool rainy springs). I had been keeping an eye of a lot of new potential nesting sites but very few of them appeared to be occupied. Well, color me surprised.

The Rte 2/South River Bridge area which normally had just one nest now has three - one on the opposite side of the road and the other new nest at the opposite end of the bridge (not to mention the normal coterie of channel marker nests) plus the cell tower nest. All of them have adults sitting up high and visible with ripping and tearing and feeding motions going on. I can only surmise that there are two new nests at the bridge, one of which I thought was a replacement nest. But nope - there are three bridge families.

Riding up on the bluff past the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and overlooking Thomas Point Light there used to be two nests - one in the CBF parking lot (there are actually 4 more in the back but not visible from the road so I'm not counting them), and at the other end of the bluff was the first platform that has been productive for years. This year the parking lot nest has chicks, the utility pole at the beginning of the bluff has chicks, one of the two new platforms has chicks but the original platform has been abandoned. It's nice to see this little population boom. Just between these two locations there are 4 new nests and I haven't had time to get out and check out my creek nests yet.

Am I beginning to sound like Oprah doing one of her giveaway shows? YOU get some chicks and YOU get some chicks and YOU get ...
Lori 06/02/11 09:07 pm need that "like" button again! :)
martyc35 06/03/11 02:18 am I'm thinking that there may be an increase in available food in the area, along with the other favorable factors. Any ideas on the fish census?
Melanie 06/03/11 10:32 am Availability of fish on the Bay stays pretty stable through the spring and summer - osprey are pretty adaptable as to what kind of fish they will take - if it's not one species it's another and they have even been seen taking water snakes. There are many migratory species that move up and down the Bay so I don't think supply is the issue.

I really think it's more to do with how difficult (or easy) the spring is - there were quite a number of nest failures over the last two years and those were cold rainy springs with some pretty heavy storms. This one warmed up fairly fast.
Anne-UK1 06/04/11 05:39 pm I've seen that the RSPB are blaming Scotland's spell of very wet weather after eggs had been laid for failures in a few osprey nests, including LotL (a thought which I like better than the alternative that Marge may be too old to produce any more chicks). What you say seems to back that up Melanie - it's good to hear that your area has had such a successful year :)
Marie 06/05/11 01:45 am The Ospreys at the University haven't nested yet due to such cold and wet weather here on the coast...probably too late now...all disappointing. I will have one more look to see if they decided to this w/e as the weather reallly turned summer like...finally.
Glad to hear you have productive nests Melanie
Melanie 06/05/11 08:29 pm I got a note back from Greg. my banding buddy. He said he has nests that range anywhere from still incubating to hatching 3 weeks ago, but that his numbers are definitely up this year, too. Not only are nearly all of his 40+ platforms occupied but there have been a proliferation of cell tower nests in his area as well. His bald eagles have remained steady at three nests, though.

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